Haunted Mansions and Homes in California 2

StevensonFrom the Hart Mansion in Santa Clarita to the haunted Tyler House in La Selva Beach, we continue to explore some of the haunted locations found in the California region. In this article, you will also learn of a ghost who died as a murdered child for a punishment that did not fit his crime.

Hart Mansion , Santa Clarita

At the former residence of the silent film star William S. Hart, some people claim to have come in contact with his ghost, as well as that of his sister, nurse, and his dogs. Sometimes, the home, which now serves as a museum, has a distinct smell of coffee.

87 Acacia St , Sanger

During the mid-1900’s, a young orphaned boy was attempting to steal a pie that was cooling on the windowsill of a farmer’s home, but was caught in the act. Taking off with the pie in his possession, the boy ran off with the farmer chasing close behind. At the time, Acacia Street was in the developmental stages. The boy was killed with a gun , all while begging for his life. He died where the future site of 87 Acacia was to be. Some of those who have called 87 Acacia St their home have reported missing food and the ghostly sight of a young boy who seems to be begging for his life.

The Rispin Mansion , Santa Cruz

The upstairs and the downstairs of the Rispin Mansion offer different opportunities to catch paranormal activity. On the lower level, the ghost of a man wearing glasses has been spotted in the empty fireplace. If you travel upstairs, you may encounter the ghost of a woman who wears a Victorian black dress and seems to be looking for something. It is said that she has the ability to open doors even if they are bolted, nailed or sealed by a lock. In the basement, where strange sounds are constantly detected, the ghost of a malevolent dog is believed to haunt the stairway and front door.

Robert Luis Stevenson House , Monterey

When the famous writer Robert Luis Stevenson stayed in Monterey, he chose this boarding house during his visit to the area. Guests hold their breath in hopes of not coming face to face with the Lady in Black, who is believed to haunt the second floor. It is thought that the ghost once ran the boarding house and that she haunts the where her grandchildren lost their lives to cholera.

Tyler House , La Selva Beach

Today, the teenage recovery house found at La Selva Beach was once the Leonard House, where a family resided during the same time as the Gold Rush during the mid-1800s. A Jesuit Mission is also said to have stood in the same place at Tyler House. The previous occupants of the site may be responsible for the strange activity that takes place on the premises. The residents of Tyler House have encountered weird noises, as well as witnessed the moving of objects on their own. Windows have also been known to close and shut without any explanation. At the nearby beach, a boy drowned in the 1960s and his ghost is thought to also haunt the vicinity.