Haunted Mansions and Homes in California 3

In California, you will find plenty of home suspected of housing spirits and ghosts, such as the Muex Home in Fresno, where several spirits are believed to haunt the museum, which once served as a home to the Meux family. This article will also explore the paranormal activity said to take place in the state, including Wattles Mansion in Hollywood and the House of 1,000 Stairs in Redlands.

Wattles Mansion , Hollywood

At this location, a bus stop once stood in front of the Wattles Mansion, but has since been relocated because people had become spooked at the unexplainable screaming and mysterious noises that come out of the home. Some people have even reported to hear the sounds of galloping horses that whinny throughout the night. At night, the grounds become haunted with the sight of a female apparition.

Tyler Street House , Fresno

Ever since the mid-1980s, the level of poltergeist activity surrounding this home has been pretty high. This has contributed to the more than 22 different owners of the residence. Some reports involve seeing red eyes peer out through closets and appear in darkened bedrooms. Objects have flown off of countertops on their own, but one of the worst discoveries associated with the house is the bludgeoned body of a cat that has been uncovered in an upstairs closet even though no cat or any other animals had been owned.

The Pardee Home , Oakland

The former home of the California that held the office of governor from 1903 to 1905,George Pardee, is found in the state’s Preservation Park Historic District. When photos are taken on the premises, you may encounter orbs that appear in the developed prints. The house isn’t the only place haunted, as the rest of the park has a reputation for strange orb sightings in photos , some of which have been taken by members of ghost-hunting societies.  

Bard Mansion , Port Hueneme

With a history that dates back to 1876, the Bard Mansion is located inside the Port Hueneme Navy Base. Once serving as the residence of Senator Thomas Bard and given the nickname of “Berylwood,” the enlarged second home was demolished to make way for the constriction of the Thomas Bard House we see today. Rumor has it that the mansion has become the haunting grounds of the late Senator’s wife, Mrs. Bard. Her image has been sighted walking the grounds as if she is inspecting the appearance of her home.  

Morey Mansion , Redlands

At one time, the Morey Mansion was a bed and breakfast, but has now come under private ownership. While the majority of ghost sightings have been reported of the friendly nature, an assortment of apparitions are known to haunt the grounds, including a young boy, small girl, and an elderly man who is believed to have been the caretaker for the mansion.

House of 1,000 Stairs , Redlands

Sounds like the setting of a horror movie, but the House of 1,000 Stairs is a spacious residence with 100 stairs constructed on the exterior and 900 stairs found inside. It is said that nuns haunt the premises, as it was once a convent. Today, people live inside the home and are believed to experience odd happening from time to time.