Haunted Mansions and Homes in California 4

You will find the two-story stone Martinez House situated on H and 22nd St in Sacramento with two infamous gargoyles with lion heads used as decoration. In this article, you will learn what took place at this residence, as well as the details on other haunted mansions and homes in the state of California.

The Martinez House , Sacramento

It was at the Martinez House that a murder took place. The founder of Sutter hospitals, Dr. Arden Hart, gave the house to a family member who supposedly suffered from some form of dementia. One day, the man went on a murdering spree , taking the lives of everyone in the house, including the house staff and grandchildren. He even killed the family cat.

Sold for a lowball price to the Martinez family in 1976, the house seemed to carry an odd energy. In the middle of the night, unexplainable noises would fill the kitchen. Apparitions appeared throughout the home, such as a man in a white lab coat, young children, and a woman wearing a dress with a flower print. A phantom gray and white cat was also known to make an appearance in the home.

Since 2000, the residence has been abandoned after the grandson of the family briefly called it home, but left after he was frightened at radio stations that changed on their own. The Martinez House has become a popular site for paranormal investigation. In the vicinity, the Sacramento Theatre Company is another hot spot for paranormal activity.

Puente House , Sacramento

Found on F St. in downtown Sacramento, the Puente House was known as a boarding house for senior citizens during the 1980s. The landlady, Dorothea Puente, was actually found guilty of killing her boarders and burying them in the backyard so she could assume control of the deceased social security checks. Even though the house has been renovated and resold, people have admitted there’s something quite strange about the premises. When taking a photo of the front part of the house, people have detected abnormal images, as well as ectoplasm mist.

Market Street House , Salinas

In the living room of the Market Street House, a tragedy took place. An old woman wearing a black dress committed suicide by hanging herself. Children and others who have encountered the same room claim they have felt the sensation of choking. Others believe the ghost of the woman tries to make her presence known.

The Whaley House , San Diego

At the Whaley House, the ghost of Thomas Whaley is joined by other spirits that once came in contact with the house , a former city courtroom. Perhaps one of the ghosts is of a man that was hung just outside of the home. His crime , stealing a boat. While touring the house, one visitor exclaimed they felt the strong presence of a woman in one of the bedrooms located upstairs.