Haunted Mansions and Homes in California 5

In this article, you will hear why the Cameron House in San Francisco suffers the presence of unsettled spirits. Other tales will involve the San Dimas Mansion, Haskell House, The Red House in Artesia, the Winchester House, and a handful of mansions in the Beverly Hills area.

Cameron House , San Francisco

Head for Sacramento St. in Chinatown to locate the home formally owned by a woman known as Lady Cameron. In the basement, the Lady hid Chinese immigrants so they were spared a life of prostitution and slavery. When police came to inspect, she had the doors in the basement sealed to protect the refugees. A secret passageway allowed the people to come and go.

Unfortunately, rumors spread throughout town of her intentions and some people came and burned down the house. Everyone in the rooms died. When the Cameron House was restored, it was turned into a church, but the sensations felt inside still hint to a gruesome past. The basement doors are still sealing with every door containing red and gold charms to keep in the spirits. Some people have viewed white figures appearing in the background of photos they have taken of the house.

The San Dimas Mansion , San Dimas

The San Dimas Mansion was constructed in 1887 and is the source of many reports involving unexplainable banging on windows, odd doorbell ringing, sliding noises on the floor, and the sounds of someone trying to open a locked door.  

Haskell House , San Francisco

Pacing back and forth on the premises of the Haskell House, the ghost of Senator Broderick is believed to call this site his final resting place.

Winchester House , San Jose

If you’ve investigated ghost stories of the California region, you probably already came across the tale of Sarah Winchester , whose family made a fortune by selling Winchester guns. It is thought that Sarah’s ghost, as well as the spirits of those who lost their life to a Winchester gun haunt the home. Cold spots, the sighting of apparitions, strange rocking chair sounds, and unexplainable talking and laughter are just some of the odd happenings associated with the Winchester House.  

The Red House , Artesia

No one knows what possessed an engaged man to push his bride down a flight of stairs during a fight, but his soon-to-be bride died before they could exchange their vows. Some believe that if you walk past her grave, you can catch sight of her ghost floating around.  

Barrymore Estate , Beverly Hills

If you’re interested in sighting the ghosts of a movie-making dynasty, the ghosts of John, Lionel and Ethyl Barrymore are said to haunt the estate.

Doheny Mansion , Beverly Hills

It’s hard to keep a groundskeeper on the night shift at the Doheny Mansion. Because of the weird sounds and disturbing screaming that they encounter, they have no other choice but to look for another job out of fear of what they may discover. Some sections of the mansion grounds are gated and padlocked, causing some of the home to fall victim to disrepair.

Pickfair Mansion , Beverly Hills

According to previous owners, at least two ghosts haunted this home, including a ghost believed to be Douglas Fairbanks, who often pays a visit to the striking entryway of the mansion.