Haunted Mansions in Alabama

With well-manicured lawns and plenty of rooms to get lost in, mansions not only accommodate large families, but also give ghosts a lot of space to roam. Usually, it’s a former owner that doesn’t want to vacate, but other times, an unfortunate event causes unsettled spirits to linger.

The Carter Mansion , Huntsville

The ghost of Sally Carter, who was once buried on the premises, haunts the Carter Estate. Some claim to have seen her walking about the grounds. Before her body was relocated to the Maple Hill Cemetery in an unmarked grave, she was blamed for knocking over her own headstone. Despite the removal of her remains, Sally continues to appear at the Carter Mansion. When pillows are thrown and furniture moved, she is blamed for the disturbances. Today, the house is within a gated community and an appointment is needed for you to step foot inside.

Dale Mansion Site , Hazel Green

Legend has it that a woman supposedly killed six of her husbands at the mansion. The neighborhood believes they can hear the men screaming when stormy nights hit. This site is also significant due to some of the remains buried underground. Vandals have demolished the cemetery that once held a family plot where the first settler of DeKalb County was laid to rest.

The Victoria , Anniston

In its heyday, the Victoria (which is now a hotel and restaurant) was once a glorious mansion. However, some people are a little hesitant to visit because of the unexplainable piano playing and odd footsteps that have been detected in the main part of the building. Other things that have scared visitors in the past is the weird clinking of glasses that hang in the bar and the sighting of a ghostly woman that appears on the upstairs landing.

Bellemont Mansion , Tuscumbia

The spirits of slaves are believed to haunt the Antebellum House situated on this old plantation. Many sightings have taken place at what is now serving as a tourist attraction. If you take a trip down to the cellar, you will see shackles still attached to the walls.  

Palmer Mansion , Sheffield

During the Civil War, a man and his wife were burned to death at the same site where the sweeping mansion owned by the Palmer Family stood. Residents that currently call the mansion their home have sighted the ghostly shape of a man that stands in the doorways. Throughout the night, ghosts have been credited for the odd noises that fill the house. Reports of objects moving on their own have also come from people living in the house.

Sturdivant Mansion , Tallapoosa

This mansion found in Tallapoosa is quite old and has an unfortunate piece of history attached to it. The house was known to accommodate people for one night that needed a place to stay after traveling by train. One night, someone stayed at the home and took the lives of every occupant of the house. Ever since, lights have flickered from a distance and people have been seen standing in the upper windows.