Haunted Mansions Throughout San Francisco

A mansion is considered a nice place to stay in the lap of luxury, providing many rooms and space to conduct your business. Often a deserted mansion presents quite a scare when passing by or walking through. Many older mansions become converted hotels or museums, but whatever happens, there is often a ghost or ghastly tale that surfaces.


On 2220 Sacramento Street, you will encounter the Mansions Hotel, which offers two different mansions to spend a night. When you are checking in for a stay, you should tell the check-in clerk that you wish to stay in a Non-Haunting Room. When you are in the mood for a scare, you should inquire on some of the rooms that feature eerie encounters and resident ghosts. Out of the two impressive mansions, the newer one offers no ghosts encounters, where the older one is said to be quite haunted.


The older hotel possesses a long history of haunts and scares, which can be viewed within a display case. There, you will find witness accounts, transcripts from séances that have been completed, as well as a variety of photographs. When guests stay in this hotel, they often leave with their own story to tell. Some have reported the sounds of strange noises, as well as the sight of cold shadows moving throughout rooms. Some tales even involve unexplainable occurrences, such as toilet seats moving about the room on their own, as well as flying by guests.


A séance was once conducted in a suite located on the third floor, where witnesses documented the sighting of a ghost that materialized in front of their faces. The photo of the ghost they encountered can now be seen within the haunted display that is offered at the hotel. A scientist who studied paranormal activity stated that powerful forces could be sensed within the hotel, which was concluded from a 1992 study.


The Atherton Mansion was quite a large house that could be found at 1990 California Street, which was inhabited by Dominga Atherton, as well as her daughter and son-in-law. The “men” of the house were actually the women. The son-in-law lived a life filled with constant orders given by his mother-in-law, as well as wife. While trying to escape their will, he decided to visit friends across the seas, but lost his life only a few days into the trip. His body was shipped back to San Francisco in a barrel filled with rum. After the barrels arrival, the women of the house began to feel the presence of various spirits. They believed that it was the ghost of George and decided to sell the mansion.


Many owners took over the mansion and finally became a boarding house during the early 20s. Former guests of the house claimed to have encountered many cold spots, as well as unexplained knocking on the doors. Some even claimed to have witnessed numerous apparitions.


The Whittier Mansion can be found in a sandstone building on 2090 Jackson Street, which has been through quite a few adventures, including an earthquake. It is said that the spirit of the original owner can be encountered at this location. It is said that he can be found lurking about the basement. Some have felt his cold presence in the basement, as well as spotted his shadow. He has also been reported to visit the servant quarters.