Haunted Mansions

Some houses are considered more haunted than others. This is the case with the Lemp Mansions, which is thought to be one of the most haunted residences within the United States. Tons of articles have been written on this site, as well as covered in numerous paranormal television shows. This article will deal with three creepy mansions, including the Culver House and Powers Mansion.


The Lemp family, who were in charge of the operation of the Lemp Brewery, once occupied the Lemp Mansion. This brewery was massive, covering 10 entire city blocks, making it the largest of its kind throughout St. Louis until Prohibition set in. Why the Lemp Brewery fell off the map is a mystery yet to be solved and one may never really know what happened, but the story of the mansion is a bit clearer.


The rip in the successful progression of the family began when the pride and joy of the family, Frederick Lemp died under mysterious reasons during 1901. Frederick was in line to inherit the brewery business and was the favorite son of his parents. Three years passed and the father, William, took a gun to his head and shot himself while he was in his bedroom within the mansion. Several suicides soon followed.


Many reports have been made concerning the events that have occurred and continue to occur within the mansion. For example, once a painter was commissioned to bring life back into the ceilings and often worked alone in the house. He confessed to feel as if someone or something was always watching him. The last straw was when he heard his name being called out. He fled the mansion, leaving behind his nerve, as well as his painting equipment.


Today, the mansion serves as many different facilities. A restaurant is located at this site for those looking for a place to eat. For entertainment, a dinner theater is ready to provide something to do and if you are too tired to return home, you may crash at the onsite bed and breakfast. This gives you a chance to spend a night in a certified haunted house. Tours of the premises are available on Monday evenings, which present a history of the location, as well as the family that once occupied the residence. The tour is said not to disappoint, which keeps you on your toes, while you look around every corner, as well as behind your back. The Lemp Mansion is known to produce a variety of eerie encounters. It is said that more than just the ghosts of the Lemp family wander about the halls and rooms.


Moving onto Illinois, there are two mansions in the Decatur area that offer scary tales of their own.


The Powers Mansion can be located in a historic part of the city on West Decatur Street. This house serves as an important landmark throughout the city, offering an odd history, as well as the promise of a few resident ghosts. Also known as “Fleur de Lis,” this house was built by the Powers family, who produced some of the early leaders of the area. When the Powers family left the house, it was purchased by the Jarvis family, but soon became abandoned, almost sent to the chopping block to be torn down.


So what happened in this house to make it so scary? For starters, weird lights have been seen coming from inside the mansion. A variety of apparitions have also been spotted peering from the windows of the premises. Today, it serves as an inn for traveling businessmen. Many who have stayed at this location state that they will never return for a night. They claim to have had some of their possessions taken or moved, as well as endured a troubling sleep. It is believed that the ghost of a murdered woman torments the male guests. 


As for the Culver House located on the corner of Edward and Prairie Streets, this former shining glory is now in serious disrepair. What makes this site so eerie is the fact that numerous murders have been committed at this location. This is why it is believed to be a cursed residence. The land that the home was built upon was bought in 1881 for an inexpensive price. This is because the land was also Native American burial land. The building of the house began soon after, but for unknown reasons was suddenly terminated. The land was then sold to John Culver, who finished the construction of the house.


Before the death of Culver, odd event occurred in the home, including an incident that happened in the dining room, which prompted the patriarch to tear out the fireplace and have bricks put in its place. When Culver passed away, stranger events took place. Strange lights were seen moving from the inside of the house and when no one was in the house, the shadows of people could be seen through the windows. Years after Culver’s death some claim to have seen his image in his library.