Haunted Moose Jaw, Watson & Kipling

When traveling to a city or state, you will find that there are numerous places that may hold an interesting legend or tale regarding ghosts and other eerie happenings. Some of the more popular haunts for ghosts and odd events tend to be within old churches, cemeteries and hotels. In this article, you will find information regarding such locations, including the Old Cemetery in Watson, as well as the Beckavar Church, located in Kipling.


At Clifton Hall, which can be found in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, what is now a hotel was once a rather large house, where many ghostly and paranormal documentations have been attached. A young girl died in the house and is believed to now haunt the premises. Witnesses claim to have encountered her ghost as they looked up at the balcony, where she is said to appear in a white nightie. Her features are described as being quite pale. When inside this location, witnesses claim to have spotted the rapid movements of chairs, which seem to fly across the room. Cupboard doors that swing open, as well as shaky chandeliers are just some of the odd occurrences associated with this site.


In Watson, Saskatchewan, which can be found in the south-central section of the province, there is an old cemetery where odd events have been known to occur about a particular gravesite. Floating over the grave of a murdered man is a blue light that has been sighted by several witnesses. Those who have come in contact with this light, believe that it is a sign that the man is not completely at rest and his spirit is lurking about the area.


The Beckavar Church can be located in the town of Kipling, which is situated in the southeast part of Saskatchewan. It is said that there is an entity that haunts the premises in an effort to actually protect it. Those who have ventured throughout this location believe that the ringing of the bell is a sign to quickly remove yourself from the premises. Some have fled the site once they hear the bell ringing.


There is a legend regarding the Beckavar Church involving a couple that visited the site and when the bell began to ring, the two of them ran for the door. Unfortunately, the boy did not reach the entrance in time and the door slammed before he had a chance to get out. Stuck inside the church, he tried to pull on the door so that he could leave, but by this time, he found that the door was actually locked. His next course of action was to open a window so that he could escape, but he found no luck with this plan. Once he finally got out of the church, he told others that he felt a chill about his body and that there was an awful smell about the place. He also claimed to hear the voice of a man while he was temporarily trapped within the church.