Haunted Movie Theaters in California 1

Have you ever went to the movies and were overcome by an uneasy feeling? Perhaps a resident ghost is sending chills up and down your back. In this article, you’ll encounter haunted theaters in California, such as the Tower Theater in Merced and the Paramount’s Great America Theaters in Santa Clara.

Cinema 10 , Manteca

Locate the last theater in the hallway situated on the left side of the cinema and you may come in contact with the two ghosts supposedly haunting the area: a young boy and an older man. In the past, the site was once a drug store that suffered a tragic fire during the late 1950’s. At least three people died in the accident, which some believe is the cause of paranormal activity, including unexplainable voices and the sounds of tapping that take place on the upper level of the theater.

The Former El Rey Theatre , Manteca

Today, it is said that the Kelley Brothers Brewing Company is haunted by a past incident that took the lives of people who were watching the opening of ‘The Towering Inferno’ at the old El Rey Theatre. Some claim that the ghosts of dead firefighter and movie patrons can be seen roaming about the premises in search for a way out of the building. Others say they can sense hot spots left behind from the fire.

The Tower Theater , Merced

The ghost of a young woman believed to have taken her own life by leaping off of the tower peak was inconsolable after finding out that her fiancé had been killed in the war. Witnesses claim to have seen her ghost wandering about the theater, asking if anyone has seen ‘Johnny.’

Paramount’s Great America Theaters , Santa Clara

Odd happenings are known to take place at the IMAX Theater, including the unexplainable turning on and off or lights, as well as strange whispers. Witnesses who have visited the Paramount Theater believe they have encountered a ghostly man who walks across the stage and then disappears. Other strange occurrences associated with this site include cold spots, weird noses, and the feeling that someone is placing their fingers on the back of necks or tapping shoulders.

Other reports involving haunted theaters in California include:

Wallace Theatres , Santa Paula: Employees have reported feeling uneasy when the lights are turned off and they are cleaning the theater. There are also reports of apparitions, including a man who likes sitting in the same seat with a reputation for vanishing into thin air.

Sebastianni Theatre , Sonoma: Believed to house the spirit of a young girl who appears dressed in a 1930’s-style yellow dress. Nicknamed ‘Trixie’ by employees, she usually haunted the women’s bathroom and her presence is generally detected in the mirror.

Cinema 1-2-3 , Visalia: Odd screaming and banging has been reported as taking place from inside the old theater. The many accounts documented throughout the years total more than 300 spirits supposedly dwelling throughout the theater with some ghosts thought to date back to the 1800’s.