Haunted Movie Theaters in California 2

From paranormal activity to the ghosts of restless souls, some spirits are tied to locations or landmarks of some importance to the apparitions when they were living. Whether they were high school actresses or died in a movie theater, explore some of the haunted theaters in California, such as the old Rialto Theater.

Scotts Valley Cinemas , Scotts Valley

In Theater #2, people have reported encountering ghosts and an overall feeling of unease. If you are alone in the theater, don’t be surprised if you are struck with the sneaking suspicion that someone is watching you. However, never fear , the resident ghost is not considered violent.

The Rialto Theater , South Pasadena

The Rialto Theater has a history that traces back nearly 70 years. It is believed that many people have died at the theater, including a girl who entered the bathroom, slit her wrists, and then made her way to the balcony, where she bled to death in the seats. Some say a man also went crazy in the projector booth. The apparition of an elderly man has also been reported to sit in the seats, as well as walking up and down the stairs leading to the balcony.

California Theatre , San Bernardino

It is at this theatre that the infamous cowboy Will Rogers made his final performance. A few days later, he would lose his life in an airplane crash. People believe that he haunts the practice room, which consistently receives complaints that it is too cold. Some witnesses claim that his ghost can be seen peering out of a small window in the room.

United Artists Theaters , Thousand Oaks

At Theater #5, the ghost of a small boy who was killed during a construction accident that took back in the 1970’s is believed to haunt the premises. Employees attribute unexplainable footsteps and the banging of walls on the little ghost. A couple of employees claim that they came in contact with the boy when they were cleaning the theater. They believed the boy said ‘hi’ to them, but was no where to be seen when they turned around to respond. Managers also believe that the projector room is haunted where odd laughter, cold spots, lights that flicker, and misplaced film are just some of the complaints surrounding the room.

Cabrillo High School Theater , Vandenberg Village

The spotlight room supposedly serves as the haunting site of a female ghost that people claim can be heard from behind locked doors. Some drama students have had the unfortunate experience of being unexplainably locked in their dressing rooms. The ghost is said to belong to a girl who fell off the indoor balcony and died after the accident.

Yuba City High School Theater , Yuba City

During the 1970’s, a bus crash took place that took the lived of students, whose ghosts have been reportedly spotted on the stage. Apparitions are believed to haunt the light cage and the closets where costumes are stored. The tool room is another place where ghosts have been detected with cold spots