Haunted Movie Theaters in the United States

The next time you settle into a movie theater to catch the latest flick, you never know when a ghost may tap you on the shoulder or odd happening interrupt the film. In this article, you will encounter some movie theaters in the United States that have ghostly tales to tell, such as the Cinema 6, where suspicious fires may be the handiwork of a ghost.

Cinema 6 , Breckenridge, Minnesota

This theater has experienced two fires in its lifetime. The first took place in the projection room and the second incident at another location. The property has a long history of fires, including one that broke out in the former hotel that once stood in its same location. Everyone died in this fire, including the man that started it. Locals believe that the sprit responsible for the hotel fire is the one that has been haunting the theater and causing its infernos. Employees and some patrons have also claimed to spot what they described as a transparent man, wandering about the halls when a movie was playing.

Regal Cinemas , Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

When the theatre was being constructed, a man fell from the roof , close to where theatre 10 is found. Employees and managers say that unexplainable footsteps and loud sounds have been reported to occur upstairs , where the movies are being played. When they encounter strange happenings at the movie theater, they are always alone.

Clearfield Job Corps Center , Clearfield, Utah

There’s a movie theater on the campus that once served as an old military morgue. It is said that the grounds are haunted and numerous strange happenings take place. Some attribute paranormal activity to a faulty projector that sometimes won’t work.

Tinseltown Theaters , Ogden, Utah

At the Newgate Mall, there is a movie theater that has a history of people committing suicide on the premises. It is said that two black shadows appear in the old theater section and concession area , which have been witnessed by management, staff, and patrons. Other paranormal activity to occur at the theaters is chairs that move on their own, unexplainable growling sounds, and doors that lock in the projection room.

Midland Cinemas , Midland, Michigan

The ghostly vision of a bearded man in overalls has been reported to haunt the Midland Cinemas in Michigan, where other strange events are known to occur. Over the years, there have been reports of toilets flushing on their own, odd sounds, and people who seem to never leave a bathroom stall.

Clearview Movie Theaters , Wayne, New Jersey

For starters, the projection room is a place on the property that has a reputation of being haunted with strange voices. Some women are reluctant to enter the ladies room if they have heard of the ghostly pale man with big teeth that supposedly has a habit of grinning at females that comes in. It is said that he can be seen in the mirror standing in an open stall. Some women even claim to feel an unexpected kiss when in the bathroom. Lights have also been known to turn on and off by themselves in the bathroom.