Haunted Museums in NY State 3

Plan on traveling to Ogdensburg, Palmyra, or Victor anytime soon? If you enjoy paranormal tales and resident ghosts at the museums and attractions that you visit, consider the following sites explored in this article: the Frederic Remington Art Museum in Ogdensburg, Phelps Museum in Palmyra, and the Valentown Museum in Victor.

Frederic Remington Art Museum in Ogdensburg

With an extensive collection of original Remington paintings, sketches and sculptures, this museum is a treat for art buffs and art history majors. Some people come to the attraction in hopes to catch sight of the ghost of Madame Vespucci, which is believed to appear at the museum. Some say that the woman once called the address of the museum her home. There have been claims that tourists visiting the upper level of the museum have heard her speaking on the other side of a wall.

Contact Information
303 Washington Street
Ogdensburg, New York 13669

November 1 through April 30
Wednesday through Saturday 11 am to 5 pm
Sunday 1 to 5 pm

May 1 through October 31
Monday through Saturday 10 am to 5 pm
Sunday 1 to 5 pm

Adults – $9.00
Senior citizens, students ages 16 and up – $8.00
Groups of 15 or more – $7.00 per person
Active Military – $5.00
School Group – $2.00

Phelps Museum in Palmyra

If you’re ever on Market Street in Palmyra, New York, it couldn’t hurt to stop by and browse the business of former owners, Mr. and Mrs. Phelps and their daughter Sybil. After the Phelps passed away, the residence was left to Sybil, who never married, but kept company with her two friends, the infamous Fox Sisters. Together, she went into Spiritualism and to this day, is said to haunt the house on Market Street. While some people believe they have seen her ghost, others have reported that objects are known to fly off of the walls with no explainable reason.

Contact Information
140 Market Street
Palmyra, NY 14522

Late Spring to Fall (11am to 4pm); Tuesday to Saturday
Fall to Spring (10am to 5pm); Tuesday to Thursday

Adults: $2.00
Children (over 12): $1.00
Seniors:  $1.50

Valentown Museum in Victor

With thousands of artifacts, objects, and heirlooms, the Valentown Museum in Victor, New York, provides a glimpse into the 19th century with historical representations of the Victor and Rochester, New York during that time period. The property itself possesses a deep history, so much so, that a television show decided to investigate the premises.

Legend has it that a murder took place in the ballroom, which may explain why the crew experienced strange happenings during their investigation. They reported hearing the soft sound of music playing and seeing unexplainable shadows. Unfortunately, they misplaced the audio which captured the sounds (or voices) of apparitions. To this day, it is assumed that nothing concrete can be said about the paranormal activity believed to take place at the Valentown Museum.

Contact Information
Valentown Museum and Victor Historical Society
PO Box 472
7370 Valentown Square
Victor, NY 14564
Phone: 585-924-4170

Thursdays and Saturdays 12 to 4pm
If you are interested in searching the Valentown Archives, they are open on Thursdays from 12 to 4 or by appointment.