Haunted Museums in the United States

It is said that the basement of the Kearney Area Children’s Museum in Nebraska is a goldmine for paranormal enthusiasts. Across the United States, there are plenty of legends and ghost tales attached to museums. In this article, you will encounter a handful of sites found in North Carolina, Missouri, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Colorado.

Kearney Area Children’s Museum (Kearney, Nebraska) , Some of the stains on the wall certainly spark the imagination and a lot of strange equipment is stored in this part of the museum. People report an overall bad feeling when going into the basement. Hairs are known to stand on edge and sudden, unexplainable drops in temperature are common for the museum basement.

Old Wilkes Jail Museum (Wilkesboro, North Carolina) , With a deep history, it’s no wonder people believe that the Old Wilkes Jail Museum is haunted. After being accused of murdering Laura Foster, Tom Dula (also known as tom Dooley in the south) was kept at the jail. It is said that many different spirits haunt the jail. In the men’s quarters, it is said that the sounds of phantom fighting can be heard. Young schoolgirls swear that a portrait at the museum ‘winks’. Other strange happenings have been reported to occur at the museum. Paranormal investigations have also taken place at the museum and researchers have concluded that the premises are haunted.

The Gold Museum (Dahlonega, Georgia) , During the Civil War days, this old building once served as the town courthouse and jail. It was positioned in the center of the town. It has been reported that a tall figure in a hooded robe appears on the balcony and in the windows when the museum is not open to the public. From the attic and basement, people have reported to hear an unexplainable clanking noise. Through the walls, an odd knocking noise is also heard.

Strawberry Hill Museum (Kansas City, Missouri) , The museum that stands today was once a orphanage before it was a mansion in its former life. It is said to be haunted by the spirits of a man and woman who lived there when the property was first constructed. The ghostly woman has been spotted on a handful of occasions. One time, she appeared outside of a winder of the museum and reportedly asked someone inside where the priest’s house was. The ghostly man has been seen on the third floor of the museum , scaring a woman who opened a closet only to find the apparition.

Pocono Indian Museum (Bushkill, Pennsylvania) , A ghost who has been dubbed ‘Eli’ is blamed for the moving of objects and unexpected closing of doors. It is said that he attempts to communicate with the living by using objects found in the museum.

Prison Museum (Canon City, Colorado) , The prison museum is one of the first museum ever built in the city and it is also one that has a reputation for being haunted. For starters, in the cleaning room (where many of the female convicts used to do laundry) , cold spots have been detected. Orbs have appeared in photographs taken of Cell 19 and has been attributed to the death of an inmate in the cell. Unexplainable coughing and the smell of cigarette smoke from the previous occupant is said to be heard for this particular cell.