Haunted Nebraska Hideaways 2

When looking for more scary places in Nebraska to explore, venture into Sidney to take a gander at the Old Fort Sidney Commanders Home, which is said haunted by the spirit of a woman , believed to be the wife of a commander who held the position during the early 1900’s. The woman fell to her death when she tripped over the steps of the staircase used for the maids, as she moved in a rush. Witnesses claim that her ghost still wanders about the house. If you want to get an idea of what you may encounter, there is actually a photo posted of the apparition that appeared in a Nebraskan magazine titled the Scriviner.

The Argo Hotel in Crofton is the site where the ghost of a youthful girl is said to roam. She passed away in the basement of the hotel and to this day , her presence causes an uproar. It also doesn’t help that the location used to serve as a mental institution. People have traded tales associated with odd moaning noises that come out of the rooms. When the hotel was being turned into a residence at one point, a wall was torn down, which revealed the remains of a baby. Some people feel they can actually hear the mother of the baby crying out for her child. There have also been reports of pictures moving without warning.

In Curtis, the dorm rooms at Curtis College have a secret of their own, as they are believed haunted by a man who committed suicide because he was teased. The man hung himself in one of the rooms and is now thought to walk about the halls in the middle of the night. Sometimes, he will whistle at people he passes by and makes fun of students. A disturbing pound on the floor is often attributed to his ghost, as people go to investigate and find nothing. 

The Darr Bridge in Darr has weird happenings that take place when the clock strikes midnight on foggy nights in the wintertime. As you pass across the bridge, remember to take a look in your rearview mirror and you might catch sight of a pioneer woman who lost her life on the bridge. Some witnesses claim she appears in a covered wagon, while others see her walking and looking for the son she had lost. Keep in mind that you are not guaranteed each time you pay a visit to see her , so it is important to remain patient.

Gilbert’s Graveyard in Dorchester is a great location to investigate the haunted graveyard that contains the remains of the Gilbert family who lived as pioneers throughout the 1890’s. Some claim to have encountered moving tombstones and heard strange noises.

Head for Schuyler and you will encounter the Sky Drive-In Theater, where reports of roaming black dogs terrorize the night. One of the canines has one eye, while the other is missing a leg. When you turn to look away , they vanish. Employees have also documented objects that move from their original locations without anyone fessing up to the action.