Haunted Nebraska Hideaways 3

Head three miles east of Pauline to come across the Spring Ranch, where the ghost of a man who was ambushed by Native Americans can be found. About the cemetery, other spirits have also been located.  Additional places to seek out in Nebraska that can cause quite a paranormal scare includes Stanton (with a crazy ghost); Valentine (where the oldest school building in the state is found); and the wrestling room at Valley High School.

In Stanton, you can investigate the tale about a man who lost his mind and went crazy , killing his family and then taking his life by hanging himself off of the bridge in town. In the middle of the night, whistling sounds are heard. The whistling noise of the ghost of the man can be heard on the bridge , a habit he held when he fished at the bridge. The worst vision is when his ghostly body is seen hanging from the bridge during the late hours of the night.

In Valentine, the oldest school building still standing in the state of Nebraska is called Centennial Hall, which is now considered a member of the National Registry of Historic Places. Today, the hall is a museum where people can visit the site from the late spring to the early part of autumn. In the mid 1940s, a girl attending the school became poisoned and suffered a heart attack. The local legend in town involved the poisoned of her clarinet reed as the reason behind her death.

Over the years, a collection of former teachers spoke of cold drafts, odd noises, and a weird feeling whenever they entered the school building. For a brief moment, a teacher who wished to remain unknown believed that he had encountered an apparition for a couple of seconds. Many people in town swear they have heard sounds coming out of the old music room even though the school hasn’t been used as a school since 1978. There aren’t even any instruments left on the premises.

Additional oddities associated with Centennial Hall include the rocking of a chair when no one is around and cold spots in the building. Some people have reported seeing chimes move from within the building.

The old gym of Valley High School in Valley once had a stage (where the wrestling room is now found. Here, the haunting tale of a boy who fell off of the lighting bridge during a winter concert in 1955 unfolds. Gruesome is his story, as it is rumored that a prop on the Christmas tree actually went through his back and chest as a result of his fall. Some people claim that blood appears in the very spot where he died. Sounds of a group of people screaming are thought to echo in the room. Some believe that at night, the ghost of the boy is seen falling out of a tree and then vanishes. To date, the wrestling room has attracted a few ghost hunters in its day.