Haunted Nova Scotia 1

There are many places throughout Nova Scotia, which present a ghost story or legend regarding some haunted location. Within this territory, destinations, such as Trenton, Lennox Island and Antigonish have resident apparitions and unruly spirits ready to draw a scare out of whoever enters the area.


In Wolfville, the Acadia Ladies’ Seminary once stood, which originally served as a finishing school for girls in the Baptist way of life. Today, it is a residence hall associated with Acadia University, which is referred to as Seminary House. Both men and women live at this location. The ghost of a former girl is thought to haunt the premises. It was during the late 1800s and when one of the girls of the seminary found out that she was pregnant, she decided to take her own life. She hung herself from a large opening that connected a banister to the second floor. When in the back stairwell, some believe to have encountered her tortured spirit. Odd sounds and visions have been known to occur in this area.


At Mount St. Bernard College, several odd occurrences take place. Located in Antigonish, this college has been known to have some pretty strange things happen within some of the rooms. For example, items in a room have moved on their own. On campus, there is a spiral staircase where some believe the ghost of a man will watch you as you travel up and down the stairs. An elevator has been known to move without anyone pressing the buttons. Some fear that ghosts wander up and down the hallways when no one is looking. Odd voices have been heard within the bathrooms, as well as shadows roaming throughout the area.


Screaming coming from unknown entities, as well as sighting of the apparitions of nuns have been reported to occur in the Games Room. At Gilmora Hall, the ghost of a woman who fell from the balcony is said to haunt the premises. In Coldbrook, the Evergreen Home for Special Care sees its share of odd events, including alarms that will go off on their own, as well as radios and lights that seem to have a mind of their own. The Penrose Mental Institute, located in Kingston, will give you shivers up and down your spine when you enter this location.

When visiting one of the subdivisions in Kentville, you will encounter an odd house in the area. The lights have been known to go on and off on their own. The cupboards and shutters open and close on their own as well. The former residents of this home decided to move away when they could not take the paranormal activity any longer. Soon, they were dealing with smashing plates, as well as the sounds of a crying young child. 

Additional haunted spots in Nova Scotia include:


The Stem at Stern B & B in Bridgetown: ghosts and other visions


The Mary Ellen Spook House in Caledonia Mills: odd occurrences, as well as ghosts


The Fortress of Louisburg in Cape Breton: haunted by at least four known ghosts, including a crying child