Haunted Nova Scotia 2

Continuing the haunted locations throughout Nova Scotia, you will find haunted high schools and middle schools, which send chills up and down your spine when you walk the halls. In Thorburn Exchange, you will encounter a site referred to as Child’s Grave. These tales and more can be found within this article.


Let’s start with the area of Sydney Mines. Here, you will find two eerie schools. First, the Memorial High School has reports of apparition sighting in the gym and cafeteria area. Some complain of the constant feeling of being watched by things they cannot see or hear. Sometimes, they can hear voices, but no one is around to claim the utterances. Toilets have also been known to flush on their own, as well as the flinging open of stalls, when no one is inside. The Sydney Mines Junior High, which was once called Sydney Mines High, was constructed on top of a graveyard. While enjoying an overnight sleepover at the school, many odd events occurred, such as the unexplainable flushing of toilets, as well as odd noises and voices. 


In Kingston, the Pine Ridge Middle School has seen its share of horror and blood. Three teachers and seven students were murdered on the premises. The method of their demise came from torture or being hung. The individual responsible for such devastation was a teacher at the school, who then committed suicide after his reign of terror. Some have sworn up and down that they have spotted his ghost, as well as the ghosts of the teachers and students that he killed. Unexplainable screams and crying have also been documented. Sometimes, when walking through the halls, you may experience sudden cold spots. Doors to classrooms have mysteriously opened and slammed shut on their own, but an unexplainable laugh from an unknown entity cause some to believe this too is caused by the murderous ghost.


At Thorburn Exchange, there is a child’s grave that can be located past Cross Roads Market. A dirt road will lead you to this site. Here, a young child was buried during the early 1900s. A small fence surrounds the grave. A non-violent force can be felt when visiting this site, although nothing visible has been reported. Some claim to have felt a touch or a grab from this unknown presence. Nothing malicious has ever occurred at this location.

At the Abandoned Lamplight Hotel, which can be found in Truro, two people were murdered, which remained unsolved despite numerous searches of the property. Since this act was committed, odd occurrences began to haunt the guests who choose to lay their heads at this location. In the middle of the night, objects would fly into the air and make violent turns in front of those that tried to sleep. These disturbances continued for years after the murders. Then one night, a man was injured for no apparent reason. He feared that he had come close to death. Seven hours after this incident, the hotel was shut down.