Haunted NY Colleges: Albany and Buffalo

Albany and Buffalo are home to a handful of colleges that possess a haunted past with ghost stories and tales of unexplainable happenings. In this article, you will learn which halls at the University at Albany send chills down the spines of students, as well as the resident ghost at a residence hall at Canisius College in Buffalo.

Medaille College , Buffalo

Once known as the School for Boys, Medaille College is believed haunted by former students who appear as they did when they were children. The spirits have been seen looking for teachers, claiming seats in classrooms, and listening to what their teacher as to say , all while dressed in 1944 clothing attire

Sage College of Albany , Albany

In the past, the Sage College of Albany was known as the Junior College of Albany/Russell Sage, and it’s the Fine Arts building on campus that a handful of ghosts enjoy calling their home. At one time, the buildings were once used as a sanitarium for children before it was turned into a building centered on the fine arts. Today, the old building was transformed into a center for graphic design. The ghosts thought connected to the children’s sanitarium is through to still haunt the premises. Sadly, the story goes that the caretaker of the home set a fire in the basement that took the lives of children.  

Canisius College , Buffalo

Pay a visit to the fifth floor of Frisch Residence Hall where you may come in contact with the ghost of a student who committed suicide. Students claim to have seen the spirit in their dorms and bathrooms. Claims of a ghostly nun haunting the fourth floor of Lyons at the college go beyond the scary tales, as people who have never heard of the rumors have commented of the eeriness of the floor. If you choose to live in the Village Townhouses or the Griffin Hall, keep in mind that a great deal of the houses that students rent in the surrounding neighborhoods have reports of being haunted associated with them.

University at Albany , Albany

There are two different halls at the University at Albany believed to house haunting spirits. At Mohican Hall, situated on Indian Quad, a young ghost is thought to roam the halls in the middle of the night , with a reputation for frightening some of the residents in the process. The first time sighting regarding this ghost have been documented is in 1994. As for Pierce Hall (found on Alumni Quad), the spirit of a woman known to walk the halls late at night is responsible for spooking out students. This ghost seems to walk the halls all throughout the year with many students catching sight of the resident specter.