Haunted Ogden, Utah Part 1

While there are many places in Utah that hold scary tales and haunted house stories, you probably wouldn’t think that Ogden, Utah also showcases it’s own set of legends. From haunted cemeteries to an old mental hospital with a mind of its own, the city is crawling with an array of paranormal hot spots to investigate. In this article, we will take a look at some of the places a ghost hunter or paranormal enthusiast may want to pay a visit.


At the 36th Street Cemetery, nightfall brings the curious sight of a glowing blue or green headstone (or possibly another entity), which often appears throughout the eastern part of the cemetery. Close to the road, both the day and the night present a series of odd occurrences, which may even include ravens that laugh or talk about the cemetery. Some individuals claim to have taken pictures of the weird happenings associated with the cemetery. A variety of orbs and shadow people are said to be some of the main images captured on film. Additional oddities connected to the cemetery include a few headstones that seem to always be warm to the touch. Legend has it that some of the headstones become so warm that even during the winter season, snow melts off of the stones and also affects headstones in the vicinity.


The Bellshire Hospital once stood as an old mental facility that held its own gruesome tale of the past Apparently, the doctor that ran the hospital was known for torturing some of the patients. This has caused the premises to carry about an eeriness as restless souls are thought to inhabit the grounds. Many ghost hunts have been held at the hospital, which produced an encounter with a young girl, who was seen coming down from the stairs. Unexplainable screams have also taken place at the hospital, and the sight of unknown people has been seen in the windows. In recent years, the hospital has since been transformed into a haunted house that is run during the month of October.

Those who attend Highland Middle School have come across haunted happenings, especially the 8th grade students, who have been on the H-hall bathroom. It is said that whoever enters the bathroom faces the risk of odd occurrences happening. Sometimes, the lights will flicker on and off at will, and the sinks will act as if they have a mind of their own. Some students claim to have seen a young girl calling out, “Help me” in the mirror. As the kids try to escape the bathroom, they seem to find that the door is locked, which can last for up to five minutes.


When you’re in the mood for a good flick, as well as a paranormal tale of intrigue, you should head for the Tinsletown Theaters Newgate Mall, where the theater once served as a location where many workers have been known to commit suicide. Where the concession stand and the old theater section used to be, visitors and employees have encountered a range of unexplainable activity, Sometimes, the projection room doors have been known to lock on their own with those inside unable to leave.