Haunted Ogden, Utah Part 2


When traveling to or living in Ogden, Utah, you may encounter a range of scary stories and legends to investigate. In this article, you will learn of a haunted hotel, as well as a cemetery with interesting details attached to it.

The H-Hall bathroom is not the only thing at Highland Middle School that appears to be haunted. It is said that the video production room of the school is the site where a ghost by the name of Wilma is said to roam. Legend has it that she stayed after school one day to finish up a movie she was making and suddenly died as a result of a panic attack. She lost control of herself once she became locked within the room. Ever since her demise, people claim that the room is haunted and that if you stay in the room by yourself when the door is locked, they you may feel someone tugging at your ankles, which would be the spirit of Wilma.

When looking for a place to stay if you happen to be visiting the Ogden area, you might want to think twice about settling into the Historic Radisson Suite Hotel. It is here that you may come face-to-face with the ghost of Mrs. Eccles, who has gained a reputation of stopping the elevator once it reaches the fifth floor. Many people do not catch sight of her ghost, but it is her presence that is felt. If she walks past you, the only thing you will have to identify your encounter is the mysterious scent of her perfume.

At the Ogden City Cemetery, the ghost of a girl named Florence (or “Flo”) is said to dwell within the cemetery. As the story goes, Florence was sitting on the curb waiting for her ride to arrive, when a car came out of nowhere and killed her on the spot. It is said that if you go to her grave at the Ogden City Cemetery and flash your lights three or more times, the spirit of a young girl will appear as a green light. The entity may float towards your car and some people feel this occurs because the ghost believes you are her ride she has been waiting for all of this time.


Conflicting stories regarding Florence have surfaced, including an account from a supposed great niece who states that Flo was not hit by a car, but actually choked to death on a piece of hard candy. The cemetery is still thought haunted by Florence, as well as a handful of other restless souls.

When it comes to the photography studio called Smiles, there is plenty to fret and frown about if you are scared of the paranormal. It is believed that orbs and other ghostly entities appear throughout the studio. The curious and the brave may ask employees to show off some of the pictures that prove the fact.