Haunted Omaha Nebraska 1

Paranormal seekers who plan on visiting Omaha, Nebraska anytime soon may appreciate some of the haunted places listed in this article, including the odd happenings that take place at Central High or the strange occurrences of Lynch Park.


The Alpha School in Omaha has a reputation of harboring an assortment of odd noises, even when the building is thought to be empty. The floor gives off creaky noises without anyone walking around you and unidentifiable footsteps are often heard. Doors have been known to shut for no reason and strange sounds are often reported.


In the downtown vicinity of Omaha, there is Central High, where the main floor offers a variety of surprises, especially when you pass by the hallways located by the dean’s office. Odd events are known to take place during the weekends and at night. Despite the warmth of the heater, temperatures will drop. When walking down the hallways at night, some have reported that an unknown source utters the words, “I know your here” or “I know your all here” if you come in groups. Close to the dean’s office, a white blur may fly by. If you look in the window, you may encounter a shadowy figure that appears to be waving at you. Some believe this is the former dean or janitor. There is a rumor that a ghostly janitor is attached to the school, who sometimes sweeps his broom down the hallway.


At Hummel Park, this city gathering spot is located on the outskirts of Omaha about the northern side of the city. When taking an innocent stroll around the park, you may or may not want to know the creepy history behind this site. During the early part of the 1900s, lynch mobs would ride about town and hang people in the vicinity. Some of the bodies were even mutilated if they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. So many people were hung from the trees in the park that many specimens have bent over the road that leads to Hummel. The odd thing about the park is that even the younger trees and stretches of grass lean towards the road situated both outside and inside the park.


Many strange events have been reported to occur at the park, including the sighting of apparitions, odd mists, howling wolves, and the sound of Native American drums playing throughout the night. It is believed that old Native American burial grounds are located at the park. Many other rumors are connected to Hummel, such as the supposed animal sacrifices that take place in the middle of the night or the “cult” of albinos that are believed to have settled in the park.


When you visit Lynch Park, you may encounter sound of footsteps that seem that people are running around or towards you. Sometimes, the sound of a crying baby is heard. One person described their encounter of hearing the voice of a man screaming, ” It’s so cold, help me.” They reported that they swore something was tugging at their leg at the same time.