Haunted Omaha Nebraska 2

Mystery Manor is one of those commercially produced haunted houses, but there are actually a handful of spirits that the town believes is connected to the site. During Halloween, the manor is set up to greet the flow of visitors. Rumor has it that a “lady in a blue dress” is encountered during the haunted house tour, but no staff member is dressed as such. The owners of the event have also noticed odd reports that take place throughout the rest of the year. Additional Omaha, Nebraska haunted tales include:

Millard North High carries the tale of a ghost who died while smoking a cigarette. The significance of the tobacco comes when the scent of stale smoke is detected in the air about the same place where a student died. By the south doors, there is a hallway where all the janitors gathered to enjoy their “smoking room,” which was located downstairs. One day, a student snuck down to the room to have a cigarette and while he was smoking, he slipped on a puddle of water outside of the doorway and hit his head. He instantly died. Today, the area is shut off to the students, but if you walk down the hallway, you can catch a whiff of smoke and hear a crashing sound underneath.

In Omaha, the White House Apartments were once known as an old hospital in the past, which is thought to be the source of the ghostly inhabitant on the premises. It is thought that a female ghost in a long white gown appears in the hallway , greeting some of the tenants who live on the main floor.

The Omaha South High School is thought haunted by a ghost whose name is Gus. Nearly three decades ago, a tornado drill took place at the high school, where everyone was expected to shuffle into what was known as the “Catacombs.” Today, this is the part of the school that was later turned into the performing arts section. During the 1950s, this part of the building was built to accommodate a nuclear fallout shelter. When the tornado drill was going on, Gus (a janitor who took care of the Performing Arts part of the building), thought they were going to be in the “Catacombs” for a long time, so he paid a visit to what was known as the “Rat Room,” which was where they kept provisions.


Gus closed the door behind him and searched for a barrel of food, but instead, it fell on him , crushing his head. His body was not discovered until he had been there for a while. It is believed that Gus still wanders about the Performing Arts part of the building, despite being remodeled in later years. Some people claim that if you are attending a play in the building and you are skeptical about whether or not Gus exists, then he will purposefully mess with you. As an actor, the ghost will affect your lines, cues, and even your entrances. It is also said that he likes to haunt the Green Room, which is situated next to the Catacombs.  Some believe it is he who leaves on the light and opens the doors.