Haunted Ontario: Ajax & Belleville

Ontario is filled with many different haunted spots throughout various cities and towns. In this article, we will take a look at Ajax and Belleville. Just to get a sense of the areas we are dealing with, Ajax is a town situated in the Golden Horseshoe area, which is located in the south central part of Ontario. It is also known as the Greater Toronto area. Belleville can be found in the southeastern part of Ontario.


When you enter the North Ajax Forest, you may be overtaken with the presence of something watching your every movement. As you move throughout the woods, you may hear the rattling of bushes and sometimes you may even hear someone calling out your name. Odd happenings have been reported to occur in this area, which is now occupied by numerous town homes.


Located close to the lake, you will a large park and hiking trail, which was once the former residence for a farmer and his family. A small gravesite can be found by the edge of the river, surrounding by a variety of trees and bushes. The gravesite is filled with children who passed away throughout the years. The gravesite possesses a weird energy that cannot be explained. During hot weather, the gravesite feels freezing. When the weather is freezing, the gravesite is quite hot. Another odd event that has been reported to happen by the river is the sight of a man who can be heard screaming for help. The reason the man is in disarray is because he is calling for people to help others who are drowning in the water.


In Pickering, Ajax, the Salem Road Schoolhouse once stood where a nice community center can be found. Today, various sightings of ghost children have been documented to haunt the area. The number of apparitions reported here is nothing compared to what used to haunt the Ajax Salem Cemetery. The paranormal activity seemed to be thick within the older parts of the cemetery, where the history of the land space can be traced back to the 1700s. Today, homes have been built in this area.

Moving on to Belleville, Ontario, you will find the Glanmore House, which is also known as Hastings County Museum. Displaying Victorian architecture, this house was later converted into a museum, but before that, something must have happened to children who may have previously lived on the premises. There have been reports regarding a male and female child, who can be heard laughing, as well as running about the premises. Cold spots can be felt throughout the home, as well as the feeling of being watched while you move about the house.


The Pinnacle Playhouse located in Belleville is said to be haunted by a ghost that is called Ophelia. Others, who claim that it emerges from the walls, have heard her voice. Within the vents, a pair of green eyes have been seen staring back at them, including janitors and other guests. The ghost of the woman has been spotted wandering about the black control booth. Various ghosts have also been seen taking a place within the audience. There is also a former janitor, whose ghost can be heard laughing within the girls bathroom.