Haunted Ontario: Brampton

Throughout Brampton, which can be found within the Greater Toronto area, you will find that there are various sights that are deemed haunted or feature some sort of paranormal activity. In this article, you will read of a haunted theater, as well as a middle school that has a mind of its own”¦ so it seems.


In Brampton, you will encounter the Heritage Theater, which has many tales of the haunted occurrences that go on at this place. Not only will you experience a coldness that runs up and down your back when you walk inside the joint, but you will also encounter a gaggle of strange voices. The black curtains hung at this location have been the site where your eyes may play tricks with you. One visitor exclaimed that they saw the Grim Reaper lurking by these curtains. Legend has it that a young, inspiring actor was murdering in one of the dressing rooms. It is said that his ghost haunts the theater, looking for the one who took his life.


The Notre Dame Secondary School in Brampton has been known to showcase a variety of odd events. Where else can you go where the toilets flush on their own? Where else can you go where you hear the sound of doors opening and closing when no one is in sight? Unexplainable footsteps have also been reported to occur on the premises. Water faucets have been known to turn on and off without the aid of anyone. A spray of water could hit you and you would never have expected where it originated. Objects also have a reputation of being misplaced or should we say moved about by ghosts. The sounds of children who are screaming, yelling and crying have been documented. Some rooms make you feel really cold once you step foot in them, as well as if someone is watching your every move.

There is also another school in Brampton that has had its share of odd happenings. The St. Anne’s Catholic School has experienced an unexplainable banging on the windows, as well as the shuffling of curtains when no one is supposed to be on the premises. Doors have also been known to lock when no key was used. Feel like a little shopping? When paying a visit to the Shoppers World Mall, you will find that one of the stores is haunted. Today, a Staples office supply store can be found at the site where a manager took his own life. Once, there was a movie theater at this spot, where a manager decided to hang himself within his office. The theater was shut down after that, but a video that was open 24 hours was put in its place. Those who worked the night shift complained of an eerie presence that could be felt within the office. Sometimes, they would also encounter a variety of oddities, including the fact that furniture would move without the help of anyone pushing it. It is assumed that it is the ghost of the manager responsible for these events.