Haunted Orlando: Schools and Cemeteries


When visiting Orlando, whether if it is to see your retired grandmother or take the kiddies to Walt Disney World, there are plenty of interesting sites to check out during a side trip. Some of these locations include a variety of schools and cemeteries.


In Oviedo, you will find St. Luke’s Cemetery. On the premises, there is a small building that can be found in the center of the cemetery. When you approach the door, there is an odd feeling that overtakes your body. The feeling borderlines threatening and the cause is unknown. When turning the corner, some have reported that they experienced difficulty breathing. Sometimes hands will start to tingle for no reason and when departing the site, some have claimed to leave with marks on their necks.


The Rouse Road Cemetery is where you will encounter the ghost of a man who passed away during the 1840s. When spotted, he appears as a shadowy figure, dressed in period clothing. Witnesses claim to have seen him in the cemetery, in the fields across the street, as well as in the nearby woods. The ghost is referred to as Benjamin Miles, who used to be a settler in the area. When he died, he was buried in an unmarked grave, which must have upset him in the afterlife because he now haunts the area with a vengeance. He is known as a spirit filled with danger and anger. Miles makes his presence known with a chill in the air and is also accompanied with the call of the owl, which serves as a warning. During the fall or winter seasons, Miles makes himself seen when night falls.


At the Union Park Elementary, you will find that one of the girls bathrooms are haunted. Some have reported to encounter sinks that shake, as well as doors that move without anyone near them. Loud sounds can be heard, as well as a faint yell. Some claim to have sighted the ghost of a young girl, who appears in a white dress. The ghost is said to be the daughter of a janitor that once worked on the premises. Her name is Mary.


In Oviedo, the Oviedo High School has numerous haunted areas on the premises. For starters, the auditorium is where an array of figures has been encountered. Odd flashes have also been known to occur at this location. A girl crying, dressed in a bloody dress, has been spotted at the high school. She seems sad with a pale face. The ghost will follow people around for a bit, sometimes even following them to their residence. Some claim that she will share with you her story, as well as try to scare you. She may haunt you for days before moving on.


Another haunted school in the area is called Evans High School, where the auditorium is said to be haunted by a man who committed suicide in the gym. He hung himself during the 1960s and is considered to be a friendly ghost, who has not tried to cause any harm with anyone.