Haunted Parks in England: Baynards & Althorp

Henry VIIIThroughout England, there are numerous parks to visit when you want a breathe of fresh air. Little do you know, you may be entering an area of greenery known for the ghostly residents that may call a particular park their home. This is the case when paying a visit to the Baynards Park in Surrey, Clouds Hill in Dorset, as well as the Althorp Park in Northamptonshire, England.


Baynards Park


There are many who believe that the ghost of Sir Thomas More can be found roaming about the premises of Baynards Park. Sir Thomas More once served as the Chancellor under Henry VIII’s reign. More was sentenced to death and executed because he refused to cave in to the demands of Henry VIII. Henry wanted More to declare that his marriage to Catherine of Aragon was invalid. In the end, Henry got his way and More was beheaded. There is a tale that after More was executed, his daughter retrieved his head and took it to Baynards Park.


Althorp Park


Established by Sir John Spencer, a grand 16th century house can be found in Northamptonshire, England. There is also another significance related to this dwelling- it was the childhood residence of Diana, the former Princess of Wales. It is said that Althorp is haunted by the ghost of a former servant, who was responsible for making sure that all candles were put out by night’s fall. Visitors staying in the house have reported to sight the servant ghost when they have forgotten to put out their burning candles. He has been known to appear to guests, who are deep in sleep. He is often seen wearing a striped shirt with a cap. When he moves about, in his hand, he holds a lantern to his face so that he may still see his way through the house. If a guest wakes in the middle of the night and looks uneasy or asks him who he is/what he is doing, he will disappear through the nearest door.


Clouds Hill


When visiting Clouds Hill, you will find yourself located close to Bovington, which is in Dorset, England. This is where you will encounter the former residence of T.E. Lawrence, which is better known as Lawrence of Arabia. In 1923, Lawrence began to rent out the cottage, until he decided to purchase it in 1925 and make it his place of retirement. Ten years passes and he left the Air Force, but lost his life in a terrible motorcycle accident only a couple days later.


Since his death, a ghost wearing Arab robes has been sighted about the cottage. Those who have encountered this ghost, swear that it is the ghost of Lawrence. The motorcycle that he was riding at the time of his death was called a Brough Superior and its distinctive sound has even been heard throughout the area. It is said that the bike’s engine can be heard revving up close to the same location where Lawrence was killed.