Haunted Philly: Cemeteries & More

The next time you are in Philadelphia, do you think you can stand the eerie feeling that you will encounter when visiting the Palmer Cemetery? How about Fort Mifflin, which is the site of numerous ghosts? In this article, you will hear about these sites and more.


Sometimes only the brave will enter a cemetery when the sun has set. The Palmer Cemetery has many tales surrounding this location. For example, an individual went to visit the grave of a loved one, bringing flowers to set on the grave. They began to sense something odd and a strange feeling took over them. They turned back to see if anyone was in the area, but no one could be seen. When they turned back to face the grave, the flowers that they had brought had mysteriously disappeared.


The cemetery is also the site when a teenage male committed suicide by hanging himself close to the entrance of the cemetery. It is said that during the night, one of the streetlights in the area will come on and a ghostly figure can be seen hanging from the branch that was cut down after his passing. Walking past the cemetery, shadows have been reported to run about the grounds. Numerous orb sightings have also been documented. Some witnesses claim to have seen a white figure staring from the cemetery fence. This unknown image is holding a baby. At the Leverington Cemetery, this site is considered quite haunted. Numerous apparitions have been seen on the premises.


Located close to the Delaware River, you will find the Penn Rynn Manor, which used to be known as the Biddle estate. Legend has it that the original owners of the property had a son, who became quite enamored with one of the maids, finally falling in love with the woman. His parents were not happy with this turn of events. This drove the young lovers to drown themselves in the river. Now, the ghost of a lady upon a white horse has been sighted. The ghost of a man can be encountered walking along the path that leads to the house.


When you choose to visit the Civil War Library and Museum, you will find the Lincoln Room, which can be located on the second floor. Here, it is believed that the spirit of soldiers can be viewed playing a friendly game of cards. This site was also featured on an episode of Unsolved Mysteries. At the General Wayne Inn, there are many ghosts that call this place their home, the total count nearing 20. A former owner, as well as a singing ghost could be found on the premises.
The Bolton Mansion is the site where the ghost of a woman can be found on the grounds. It is said that she can be seen searching for unknown objects or people. At Fort Mifflin, three ghosts have been reported to haunt this location. So far, a woman has been seen at the commander’s home. She has been referred to as the “Screaming Woman.” Two Civil War soldiers have also been seen carrying on various tasks, including sewing. One of the soldiers has been spotted without a face. At the Institute of Pennsylvania, unknown noises, footsteps and voices, can be heard coming from the elevator area.