Haunted Philly: Hospitals, Churches & Theaters

When traveling throughout the city of Philly, there are other locations in the area that present a scare or two. In this article, you will explore location, such as theaters, hospitals and churches that display strange happenings or a few unwanted residents.


Hospitals are known to cure the sick and send you off with a clean bill of health, but what about those that send you off with the scare of your life? Dating back to the early 1800s, the Friends Hospital building once served as the patient quarters, as well as the residence for the superintendent and his wife. Some believe to have seen her ghost roaming the halls. Doors will shut and open on their own at this site. When third shift employees go about their business, they claim to have heard the laughing of a woman in the middle of the night. This laughter can be encountered on the first floor when no one else is in sight. The source of the laughter has never been uncovered. Other accounts have been made, such as the security guard who was grabbed by an unknown force while he made his rounds on the third floor.


The Byberry Mental Hospital is thought to be haunted by a variety of former patients who suffered mistreatment during their stay. In 1990, the building was closed due to how the patients had been treated, but every now and then, screaming can be heard coming from the basement area. When the Jeans Hospital was on the chopping block due to poor finances, it was said that the ghost of the hospital’s founder appeared to an array of staff members, protesting against the buy-out.


The Eastern State Penitentiary is a place that most wouldn’t dare to even glance at. Tales surround this site that it is haunted by hundreds of former prisoners that were executed or beaten to death. There were also many who committed suicide on the premises. Odd noises, shadows, as well as apparitions have been reported to occur at this location. Many ghosts originate from a well-known attempted prison break, which took the lives of 27 people.


The St. Andrews Church can be located in Somerton, where the original chapel is said to be haunted. The older white building is now used primarily as an annex, but those who live in the area claim that hazy white figures use the building as their home. They have been spotted in and around the building, which also produces a variety of odd noises. At the Bright Hope Baptist Church, when everyone has left the building, it is believed that the sounds of unseen forces can be heard about the church.


When you wish to catch a movie at the Orleans 8 Movie Theater, you should know that a small child is said to haunt the projection booth. It is said that during the night, a young girl can be heard giggling and inviting those around her to play.  The Walnut St. Theater also offers a chance to encounter the apparition of a little girl whose ghost is believed to date back to the early 1900s. Strange voices can also be heard on the premises.