Haunted Philly: Schools and Universities

When visiting the city of Philadelphia, you may pass by several locations that are haunted and you have no clue what they are. Throughout the city, there are numerous sites to explore when you are in the mood for a little scare. A few city legends and tales can be encountered when checking out some of the area universities and other schools.


As for higher learning institutions, you will find that Philadelphia University, which used to serve as a Catholic school for girls. On the premises, there was a mansion, where a nun was said to have committed suicide within one of the rooms located on the upper floor. She decided to hang herself after she found out that she was pregnant with the father’s child. To this day, the attic is locked, but activity can be seen coming from this location. Lights have been reported to be on in the attic and some have spotted the figure of a nun lingering in the area.


Throughout some of the older classrooms, which now serve as a dormitory for females, odd occurrences have been reported, such as unexplainable noises. When photos are taken in this area, white, glowing balls appear in the developed pictures, although nothing is in the vicinity to produce such an effect. It is said that if you climb to the top of the hill that faces the mansion, you will be able to see the nun. She supposedly appears during sunrise.

When entering Osal Hall, which can be found at the University of the Sciences, you will find yourself within a former psychiatric institute. The legend surrounding this site involves a tale of a girl, who was sent to the institute. She was so overwhelmed that she committed suicide on the 6th floor. Years passed and the institute was transformed into a dormitory for students attending the university. Numerous residents reported hearing odd noises, as well as seeing odd events throughout the hall. Some residents admitted to feeling strange or weird while staying at this location.


The St. Mary’s Annex, located at Saint Joseph’s University used to be a convent in the past. Witnesses believe to have spotted the ghost of nuns who are known to walk about the halls. Unexplainable laughter, footsteps and other noises have been reported at this site.


Moving away from universities, the Saint Maria Goretti High School for Girls has received reports regarding the sighting of a ghost that is said to wander about the halls. A tale of the school also involves a statue that is believed to cry once a year. Some have reported to feel cold hands on their body, when no one was in sight.  At the St. Dominic’s Catholic School, a ghost has been spotted within the graveyard.


A former hospital and nursing school is now what is called the James Martin School. Some have reported to have seen bloody hands, as well as people within the mirrors. Additional tales of the school include stories involving mental patients, suicides, as well as an unidentified figure that can be seen staring from the attic window at times. The attic is currently blocked off.