Haunted Phone Number Strikes Fear Again

Earlier this year we ran a story about people who received a message from an unusual number, which was essentially a series of 9’s.  It’s said if you get a call from a phone number made of all 9’s then a terrible fate awaits you.  While we may have debunked that phone number of death, there’s another one that has begun terrifying citizens in Nigeria – and it’s more specific.  It’s said if you receive a call from this specific phone a terrible fate awaits you.

If you get a call from the phone ID 09141 it might be a good idea to let it go to voicemail and then never listen to it.  At least that’s what a viral text message campaign in Nigeria is suggesting.  If it sounds dubious to you, you’re not alone.  But thousands are worried and demanding answers in relation to this bizarre phone number.  The campaign became so widespread that the Nigerian Communications Commission has officially commented on the matter saying these claims are absolutely impossible.

But before we’re too quick to judge, a similar campaign debuted in Russia after the death of every person who possessed a phone with a number consisting of all 8’s.  It went so far that the company in charge of the number, Mobitel, decided to block the number to keep the curse from continuing.  When people started reporting receiving phone calls from this very number, the reports spread like wildfire.  Accounts of those who answered the phone varied.  Some said they heard someone on the other line walking around who refused to say anything.  Others said they knew a friend of a friend who received a call from the phone number – and died.

Of course this was similar to a phone number in Japan.  It was said those who made a phone call to this number ended up hearing sounds similar to the Russian blocked Mobitel number, and some even met a similar disturbing fate.  The number even made its way to the United States.  Of course the most terrifying thing many reported was the high charge of making an international call.  Still, there were others who said they did hear something and that someone – or something – answered.

So while the story may seem unique, it’s a legend that has passed through several continents with mixed results.  Still it’s largely unknown if this specific number has anything unique or haunting to it.  The story behind it varies a bit more than the one from Japan, but still less than the Bulgarian Mobitel legend.  The fact of the matter is, if you receive a call from a number you don’t recognize you may or may not decide not to pick it up.  But don’t let the fear of what’s on the other end stop you.  It could very well be a long lost friend – a friend you didn’t think would ever be able to contact you, let alone place a phone call.