Haunted Places in Asia II

Students who have lived in some of the older dorms on the University of Seoul campus have reported experiences with ghosts, spirits and poltergeists. In this article, you will learn about haunted tales associated with Korea, India, and Taiwan.

University of Seoul , Korea

While the University of Seoul has many stories about ghosts and other spirits, but not all of the contact at the university has been terrifying, as some students say the spirits has helped them in some way. It seems that the behavior of the students has something to do with how the ghosts come in contact. Some dorm rooms have a pleasant scent, while others are described as having unpleasant odors, such as blood.

Bhangarh Fort , India

Some say that the Bhangarh Fort located in Rajasthan, India is one of the most haunted places in India. It is thought that a curse was placed on the region that death would occur without rebirth. Whether or not a hex has been put on the area, the authorities do not permit people to stay inside the fort after the sun has set.

CF Motel , South Korea

If you choose to stay at the CF Motel in South Korea, you should know that during the night, some people have experienced odd happenings. Some say the lights in their room would mysteriously come on. Weird telephone calls have been received, while others swear that someone would open the door to their room. Investigations of such reports have not turned up anything unusual.

Hyatt Hotel , Taipei, Taiwan

The mass grace of more than 4,000 people that lost their lives to the Japanese are believed buried at the site of the hotel. Because of this, there are many ghost stories attached to this property. For example, one guest of the hotel reported to have awakened in the middle of the night only to find that someone was shaking her leg. The ghost tales associated with the hotel are so great that the lobby of the hotel has a large inscription meant to keep ghosts away.

Xinhai Tunnel , Taipei, Taiwan

Connecting central Taipei to the outer rim of Taipei, you will find the Xinhai Tunnel. Constructed on the top of a hill, the tunnel is associated with a rather large cemetery. Over the years, many reports have surfaced about the tunnel being in the middle of odd occurrences.

Some drivers claim that they have experienced what is known as “gue dong chiang,” which describes a phenomenon when you feel as if you are trapped in a place that you cannot escape. Even though some have been able to see the end of the tunnel, they feel as if they never reach it , no matter how fast they are driving.

Feeling trapped in the tunnel is not the only report of strange events associated with the Xinhai. It is said that the ghost of an old woman appears to be dusting and cleaning the road , in the middle of the tunnel. Drivers may honk their horns at the woman, but she does not respond. As the cars approach the woman, she vanishes without a trace.