Haunted Places in Beijing, China I

Sometimes, betrayal, war, and wrongful deaths create restless souls that turn into the ghosts behind haunted tales. In this article, you will learn about some of these stories associated with Beijing, China.

Buma Inn

Beijing is a metropolis located in the northern part of China, and is known as the capital of the People’s Republic of China. It is said that a trip to the Buma Inn brings you close to a ghost that haunts the premises. A guest is believed to have passed away at the inn when a chef supposedly put poison in his food. The chef is said to have stabbed himself after the act. The ghost is believed to still roam about at night in search of the chef responsible for poisoning him.

Songpo Library

During the Ming Dynasty, it is said that General Wu Sangui betrayed the people of Beijing and the emperor by permitting the Manchu army to enter the city through the Great Wall. In return, he expected to receive a position in the Qing Dynasty, as well as a chance to marry his love interest, Chen Yuanyuan. Not too long after his betrayal, Wu fell out of love with Chen. This caused her to sink into depression and she eventually ended up committed suicide by hanging herself at the home they shared together. Some say that the ghost of the girl still haunts the library in the Shihu Hutong, which once served as the former home of General Wu.

Chaonei Church

There is a ghost tale associated with the Chaonei Church located in the Chaoyang district in Beijing. The chambers on the premises have been described as being rather spooky and the possible stomping grounds of ghosts. A British priest originally constructed Chaonei. He actually disappeared without a trace and ever since, the church was never the same. When the Qing Dynasty and Meiji Japan engaged in the first Sino-Japanese War, the church was turned into the home of a National Party officer. The husband was never home and as a result, his wife is said to have committed suicide in the church. Rumor has it that her screams can be heard in the corridors of the Chaonei Church. Today, the church is abandoned, but some of those who pass by the property, experience a feeling of unease.

Dongmianhua Hutong

The former barracks of soldiers is the site for this haunted place in China. A hutong is a term that refers to the narrow streets or alleys in Beijing. It is believed that the soldiers were executed at in the vicinity under cruel circumstances. Their deaths were said to have been ordered by Qin Liangyu, a female general that served during the Ming Dynasty.

The history of the haunted site includes the mysterious death of a writer who bought the property. Some believe that his death was linked to the offenses he committed against a politician with the National Party. Death seems to follow the people in this area, including a resident who burned himself after he was responsible for killing a young girl. You will find this haunted site at 1 Dongmianhua Hutong , situated in the Dongcheng District.