Haunted Places in Connecticut

When visiting the lovely state of Connecticut, you may be interested in checking out some of the haunted locations that can be found throughout the state. Some of cities in the area, including Bridgeport, Danbury and Litchfield, will provide you with a dose of fear when you are in the mood to explore ghostly haunts and old legends.


In Bridgeport, there are a few places to check out during your stay. When you reach the Showcase Cinemas, you may want to investigate the rumors that surround the theater. It is said that the projection booth is haunted, where witnesses have reported lights that flicker and film reels that start moving on their own. The Old Remington Arms Factory has been abandoned for years, yet shadows can be seen throughout the building during the night.


When one visits the Warren Harding High School in Bridgeport, you will meet employees who claim to have sighted an older man who runs up and down the hallways, screaming for help. The man is said to be the ghost of a janitor who was chased and murdered by a student-gone-crazy during the 60s. The student was never located and some believe that both of their ghosts haunt the school. 


In Danbury, a hat factory, as well as automotive shop once occupied the corner of Shalvoy’s Lane and Austin St. The building featured three floors. Employees would all be gathered in the back of the ground floor and claimed to have heard the sound of a spirit’s work boots on the floor, which was constantly creaking. It was only the second floor that was supposed to be home to these sounds, where the third floor was quiet soundless. The spirit was also responsible for flickering lights, as well as unexplainable door slams and shuts.


Additional haunted locations within Danbury include Tarrywile Park, Heathstone Castle, as well as Western Connecticut State University, where the Berkshire Theater and Fairfield Hall are said to be haunted by a couple of female ghosts. Fairfield Hall is also home to the soul of a young female who committed suicide in the tower that can be located on the top level of the hall.


When you happen upon the Litchfield Inn, you should know that the kitchen and dining room is said to be haunted by the spirit of a Native American woman, who presents herself in a semi-transparent form in the background of photos taken within the dining area. The trail of Mount Tom in Litchfield is also a site where semi transparent images have been reported. Some believe the ghost of a teenager who passed away while on the trail haunts the area. 


Other haunted locations that can be found throughout Connecticut include:


Ninevah Falls (Killingworth): Haunted by the ghost of a Native American warrior and his woman.


North Parker Hill Road Cemetery (Killingworth): The ghosts of a bride and groom can be seen crossing the road near the cemetery


The Old Inn (Killingworth): A male and female ghost can be encountered.


Charles Island (Milford): The land is said to be cursed where Native American spirits wander about the land.