Haunted Places in India

Hotels are popular places where paranormal activity tends to take place. From disgruntled employees to guests that lost their lives in a particular room, many of these stories are quite colorful. In this article, you will learn about a few haunted hotels located in India, as well as other ghost tales told around the country.  

Sanjay Van , New Delhi

Situated close to the Qutab Institutional Area, Sanjay Van is a spacious forest region that stretches across more than 10 kilometers. In the vicinity, there is a crematorium that has been the site of many reports regarding the ghost of a woman that appears in a white sari, and then suddenly vanishes without a trace.

Dumas , Gujarat

If you enjoy a walk near the beach during the nighttime in Dumas, there is the possibility that you will come in contact with noises urging you to go home and not continue on. They supposedly threaten you with scary things to come. Some say that dogs will start to chase you, although it is thought that the animals are running away from the paranormal activity. It is thought that the location is haunted because of the religious ritual of burning bodies after they die. Some believe the ghosts of some remain in the air.

Ramoji Film City , Hyderabad

Similar to Universal Studios in the United States, Hydearabad is home to Ramoji Film City , a large region known for its movie industry. There is a rumor that this site was constructed on top of the war grounds of the Nizam sultans. Some have reported that the lights positioned high above keep falling off, and that workers have been “pushed” in the line of danger many times. When food has been left in the rooms, it mysteriously gets scattered about. Odd markings have been left on the mirror , some of which resembles the script used by the Urdu (a language spoken by the sultans). The ghosts seem to take pleasure in pestering females. They are said to tug on their clothes, knock on the bathroom doors, and create an overall panic.  

Hotel Savoy , Mussoorie

There have been several people that lost their lives at the Hotel Savoy. One of the cases cited at the hotel includes a British girl that was mysteriously killed by her companion. Because of incidents like this, people believe the hotel is haunted. Some locals will also speak of a supernatural power associated with the building.

Raj Kiran Hotel , Lonawala

There is a room at this hotel that is believed to be haunted. It can be found in the corner backside of the reception area on the ground level floor. Some have reported that the sheets of their bed were mysteriously pulled off on different occasions.

Taj Mahal Hotel , Mumbai

The old Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai is the site of the devastating 26/11 terrorist attacks. Besides this tragic event taking place at the hotel, the property is thought to be the haunting grounds of the original architect Frenchman W. A. Chambers. The architect was a rather particular fellow. After he created the blueprints for the hotel, he went on a trip to visit his country in 1903. When he returned, he learned that the hotel frontage had been made in the reverse direction. He was in such a shock that he took his own life. His ghost is thought to haunt the old wing of the hotel.