Haunted Places in Indonesia

Comprised of many different islands, Indonesia is a country found in the southeastern part of Asia and Oceania. Millions of people call the country their home , making it one of the most populated places in the world. In this article, you will learn about haunted places in Indonesia with an emphasis on the ghosts and strange happenings that have been reported in Jakarta , the largest and capital city.

Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital

The Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital in Jakarta has a reputation for harboring a great number of ghosts. It is said that the ghosts roam about at night and appear in their form to someone when no one else is around. Some of the ghosts that have been reported include a physician that has a surgery knife in his bloody hands, and a nurse that is concerned with the emergency patients in the hospital. Other spirits of dead people have been supposedly witnessed on the premises.

Jakarta History Museum

A visit to the Jakarta History Museum brings you closer to a location where the Dutch Colonials held their city hall activities. In the main court, a handful of Chinese residents were hung. It is said that ghosts appear at the museum at night. Some people have reported a strange feeling when they enter the building.

Jembatan Ancol
It is said that the ghost of a young woman who was raped and killed in Jembatan Ancol or Ancol Bridge haunts this site. A handful of people claim to have seen her ghost walking about at night.
Jeruk Purut Cemetery

The Jeruk Purut Cemetery is an old cemetery that is a part of a ghost tale that involves the death of a priest who died on the site. He was found with his head cut off, and it is said that he visits the cemetery , with his dog right on his side.
Tarumanagara University

In Jakarta, there is a ghost tale told about Tarumanagara University. Some people on the 13th floor have reported strange happenings. A photocopy facility is found on this floor, where employees claim to have seen a flying head appear around noon. Details about who the head once belonged to or how they died are unknown, but people swear there is a soul that cannot rest and chooses the haunt the university.   

Lawang Sewu

In Semarang, you will find an old building called Lawang Sewu, which translates into “thousand doors.” There are 1,000 doors incorporated into the construction of the building that was a fixture during the days of Netherlands colonialism during the 19th century. A visit inside the building may involve coming in contact with a ghost, as it is rumored to house many different kinds of spirits. One ghost report mentions a headless spirit. Another story tells of a young woman who killed herself and has been sighted by some.