Haunted Places in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia and is home to the largest population of the country. If you are a paranormal enthusiast, you will find many different places to explore. In this article, you will learn about some of the haunted places in Kuala Lumpur, such as a residential area, resort, and former hospital.  

Bukit (Hill) Tunku

Even though Bukit (Hill) Tunku is known as one of the more elite residential areas in the city, but there are still spooky aspects associated with the region. One of the ghost tales told involves the death of a motorcycle rider. Two youths were chasing one another at high speeds , weaving about the curves of the roads. One of the riders crashed in a part of the road that had a sharp corner and was dark. Some believe that the ghost of the young man appears riding his motorcycle at a high speed. He is said to mysteriously disappear into the darkness.

Poliklinik Cheras

At one time, this site was known as a government hospital, but is currently abandoned without any explanation. Some say that the building is haunted and has a reputation for housing the ghost of a former patient that has been seen wandering about the area.

Genting Highlands Resort

The Genting Highlands Resort is a well-known resort and casino positioned on top of a hill. However, the property has a few blemishes in its history. A lot of people have become indebted to the casino with some committing suicide as a result. One unfortunate soul has decided not to leave the premises. Reports have been made that a man dressed in red can be seen jumping from the rooftop only to vanish before ever hitting the ground. It is also said that certain rooms are not available for rental no matter how many people are at the hotel. Those who have seen the inside of such rooms claim that they saw old Chinese ghost wards. After coming in contact with the rooms, they are said to have fall sick for days after the encounter.

Highland Towers

This apartment complex stretched three blocks and one of the properties fell apart because of a landslide and heavy downpour. Because of this, people suspect that the apartments are haunted. Some have detected the voices of the dead during the night and have sighted ghostly figures walking about the premises. One time, a taxi driver claims that he picked up a female passenger in the middle of the night and was asked to drop her off at the Towers. He claims that she left a bag full of blood in the back of his taxi.