Haunted Places in Malaysia

Malaysia is located in the southeastern part of Asia, where more than 25 million people reside. Over the years, ghost stories and paranormal activity has been reported throughout the land. In this article, you will learn about some of the haunted places found in Malaysia, such as an old missionary school and haunted castle.

St. Michael’s Institution , Ipoh

In 1912, a group of Catholics missionaries arrived in the area and started to construct a school next to the well-known Kinta River. The missionaries who were running the school raised enough money to build a large school building that showed the features of appealing French architecture. Then, World War II emerged and the Japanese secret police used the school for their headquarters. They used the building to carry out the torturing of their captives.

The school was equipped with an array of tunnels, which had been sealed off. It was here that the Japanese tortured their prisoners. Many believe that it is this type of activity that has caused the bulk of ghost sightings. The majority of paranormal activity takes place on the fourth floor of the building, which is the chapel. Some have seen the ghost of a brother wearing a black robe with praying beads in his hands. He is in a seated position facing the door, which was the entrance to the brothers’ quarters. Appearing early in the morning, the brother is headless.

Tras Police Station , Pahang

There is a legend that a frightening entity has been terrorizing people at an isolated police station. During the 1950s, it is said that a police corporal and his wife opened their door to an unknown figure only to find themselves in a state of shock. It is said that the spirit targets people associated with the police department , so much so that some officers would rather resign from their position than serving at this station.

Deadly Junction , Georgetown

Located beside the Union High School, there is a T-junction in Georgetown called the Deadly Junction. Some people believe that if you drive across the junction late in the night , you could lose control of your car and crash. This is because the area is known for a lot of car accidents. Rumor has it that a witch kidnapped the son of her sister, and a tree by the junction is in the shape of a woman carrying what looks like a child.

Tambun and Tambun Inn , Ipoh

Drivers have claimed to encounter the ghost of an old lady that appears on the roadside. Others note that odd occurrences take place at the Tambun Inn, where lights turn on and off on their own. The inn is also known for unexplainable sounds of whispering.

Kellies Castle , Perak

Some of the paranormal activity reported to take place at the castle includes doors that open on their own and the sounds of people screaming.

Puchong House , Puchong

It is believed that the ghost of a woman who once lived on the premises haunts the house.  Those who have entered the house reported experiencing a feeling of unease. Additionally, it is said that evil drawings have been found on the walls.  

Mara Junior Science College , Kuala Kubu Bharu

Some people claim to have come in contact with a flying apparition that appears white that emerges in various parts of the building.