Haunted Places in Maryland Part 1

A trip to Maryland will bring you in the midst of interesting cities to explore, including Bucktown, where the Legend of Big Liz is alive and well, and Catonsville, where Asylum Road is sure to send chills up and down your back. This article will explore further haunted locations throughout the state.  

The Legend of Big Liz is found in Bucktown, which involves a married couple who were living in the vicinity. The Mr. caught the Mrs. cheating and in retaliation, he beheaded her. To this day, it is believed that her ghost wanders about the area , searching for her lost head.  

When visiting Cambridge, you will find the Cator House, which is believed haunted by a spirit of the original owner of the building, who was Emily Cator. She had the house built to serve as an inn for travelers. Today, it is a restaurant and the employees swear that her presence is felt and continues to linger about the premises.

Asylum Road in Catonsville is where you will locate an abandoned mansion that is not open to the public. Sometimes, sightseers will pull their car to the property and stop in front for a few moments. Some claim to have encountered an unknown tapping or banging sound that seems to come from inside the mansion. Unexplainable whispers are also attached to the site. Visions and images have also been seen walking.

Catonsville is also home to Mount de Sales Academy, where odd things are constantly reported. For started, the fourth floor is known for its weird events. Sometimes, doors will open and close on their own, and in some instances will lock. Objects are also constantly moving from one place to another without any explanation.  

The Black Rock Road in Poolesville is the site where two teenage ghosts are believed to haunt. The pair died in a mysterious car crash that took place at a small lake located close to an old water house. If you drive on the road with no car lights, you may see their ghostly images. Legend has it that if you honk your horn a couple of times, their spirits will come out of the lake to knock on your car door.  

At Port Deposit, the original Union Hotel on Route 222 dates back to the 1700s, which is home to a female ghost who is often seen wearing a blue gown. Today, an eatery is in its place, where the owner live on the top floor, where she along with some of her employees have come in contact with the resident ghost.  

At Port Tobacco, the Port Tobacco Creek is the site where a ghostly dog is said to haunt the grounds situated about the creek. It is believed that this ghost has thrived since the 1920s.  

In Part 2 of “Haunted Places in Maryland,” you will learn about the atrocity that took place at the Game Preserve, as well as the antics that the resident ghost at Snow Hill Inn is known for.