Haunted Places in Maryland Part 2

At Snow Hill, you may want to investigate the paranormal activity found at the Snow Hill Inn, which is actually part of the original house that once stood at this location in 1790. The enlarged parts seen today took place in 1850. A resident spirit (referred to as JJ) is known to haunt the inn. Employees have reported that the feeling that a man was standing behind them while they worked have been trickling in for many years. It seems JJ takes pleasure in flicking the lights on and off, as well as lock doors. A few employees also claim to have seen a man standing crossed legged in their presence, but the person “disappeared.” While in the Barrister Room, employees have also mentioned that trying to get the windows open was a real chore one day until they suddenly gave in and opened on their own.

In Rockville, tourists often head for the Game Preserve to explore the narrow bridge situated in the middle of the road. As the story goes, at the turn of the century, there was a woman and child that were murdered by a gang. At midnight, the sound of a child crying is heard during the nighttime when no cars are in the vicinity. The Meadowside Nature Center is also known for strange presences, as well as successful recordings of EVPs.  
A trip to Scotland in Maryland is where you will find the Point Lookout State Park, which is full of paranormal activity during the night. When driving out of the park, passing Ft. Lincoln creates the feeling that a presence is actually following you. Some claim to have caught sight of a young soldier wearing the gray attire of the Confederates that appears to have settled in their rear view mirror. Once you pass the Confederate Cemetery, the vision disappears.  

Silver Spring is where the Walter Reed Forest Glenn Army Medical Annex is situated. The windows of this site have been known to showcase faces, unexplainable noises, as well as cold spots. Does this have anything to do with the elite girls academy that used to be situated on the premises?  
In Westminster, an assortment of paranormal sights and haunted establishments are found. At the Avonlea Bed and Breakfast, a rather unjust and tormented man owned the site during the Civil War era. In his basement, he was known for treating slaves cruelly and then taking their lives. To this day, the site is said haunted by ghosts of several slaves.  

At the Cockeys Tavern in Westminster, a host of sightings have involves a woman who appears in a green colonial-style dress. Sometimes, pictures will jump off of the walls, which are often accompanied by objects falling off of nearby shelves. Ghostly voices are also heard throughout the tavern. At the Old Opera House, a man who was murdered on the back exit after completing a performance is said to haunt to location.