Haunted Places in South Africa

Tibbie Visserlaan 13 is a great place to seek out ghosts. It is said that you will have quite a scare when visiting this location. On the premises, there is the ghost of a woman whose image appears to those who are lucky (or unlucky) to encounter her presence. Sometimes you will hear her ghost move about and she has even been known to call out a few names. On the premises, there are also windows that will close shut without warning. There is also a mysterious man who appears that some have caught out of the corner of their eye. His image is black and if you spot him, you may think he is there when he really is not.


At the Avion Park Recreation Centre, which can be found in

Park, has a haunted tale attached to it. A man who was playing cricket was struck by lightning as he played on the field. He lost his life from the event and to this day, people believe they can see him still walking about the field. He even has a CD player in his possession when he is spotted. Sometimes his ghost can be seen strolling about the corridors.


When visiting Witbank, you should make a pit stop to Celia str 1. This is where an unfortunate occurrence took place, leading to a gruesome murder. This is the location where a murder took place. Usually, it is the other way around in domestic issues, but in this case, a woman killed her husband and their three children within their home. The circumstances are so violent and cruel that it is believed the spirit of the mother lingers about the residence to continue torturing the souls of her family. It is said that she haunts this site to make sure that the souls of her husband and children are never set free.


Located within the Old Residency in Simontown, you will find the Simon’s

Museum. It is here that a variety of odd events and circumstances are attached to this site. On the premises, you will encounter a haunted painting that doesn’t allow photographs to be taken of it.


If you are able to get your camera to work, you will find that the flicks will not develop. There is also a startling discovery located below the ground that was once used as a punishment cell. Moaning and groaning have also been heard coming from the same areas as that the punishment cell was located.


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