Haunted Places in Utah 2

Did you really think that a few schools, hospitals, and railroad stations were the only places in Utah to carry their own unexplainable or twisted tale of intrigue? In this article, we will explore more haunted locations that can be found throughout the state of Utah, including an abandoned factory and the ultra-creepy location of Logan that possesses a host of stories and legends that would make any paranormal enthusiast jump at the chance to investigate.


In Lindon, Geniva Steel is an abandoned factory that stood as the location for several different strange events to take place within the locker room. Some workers reported the odd sound of footsteps that trail behind you, the unexplainable turning on of the showers when no one is around and a host of unexplainable feeling that ran chills up and down the spines of workers.

When traveling throughout the state of Utah, you should be aware of a location called Logan, which holds an array of paranormal activity and haunted ghost tales. For starters, the cemetery in town possesses a gravestone of a woman, who when you visit it at night, seems to have the look as if it is crying. When gazing upon the headstone, you will experience an eerie feeling come over your body.


In Logan, there is an assortment of places to grab a bite to eat, but if you are looking for the chance at encountering strangeness, the Grapevine Restaurant is an eatery to seek out. It is here that former employees will never forget the strange happenings attached to this dining selection that occurred during their shift. It is said that dishes would fly into the wall and break; brooms would move from one room to another in front of the eyes of employees who watch an invisible entity carry it off; and some workers got into the happen of scolding the “spirit,” who would comply when spoken to in an authoritative manner.

Ever the great outdoors of Logan is said haunted. At Logan Canyon, there is a pool where the unfortunate death of a small boy took place. Today, the pool is no longer a place to swim, as it is empty, but for about 2 to 3 feet about the diameter, there is a cold spot. It has been described as “freezing.” Some witnesses even claim that the pool has a glow about it during the night. It is also believed that this is the site where many abductions or killings of children are said to take place.


Green Canyon is another place in Logan that is pretty creepy. Residents in the area whisper about the powerful aura connected to the land, which easily conjures up the feeling that something evil dwells in the vicinity. Upon entering this location, the feeling of despair, depression, and hopelessness takes over the body. Many strange occurrences have been known to take place here, where animals are quite in tune with the negative power the canyon holds. For example, many horses will not enter one particular area, where even the birds dare not chirp.