Haunted Places in Vermont

Throughout the state of Vermont, there are numerous haunted places that can be found. When visiting this destination, you will encounter cities like Bennington, where a few colleges hold haunted tales. The University of Vermont is also a site that offers more than one ghost on the premises.


Jennings Hall at Bennington College currently serves as a space for music students on the campus. Unexplainable footsteps and weird noises have been reported throughout the night. The paranormal activity is so thick that it gave way to the novel, The Haunting of Hill House, which was authored by Shirley Jackson. This eventually was turned into a movie, as well.


Located on Mount Anthony, one will find Southern Vermont College, which can also be found in Bennington. At this site, several fascinating photographs depicting supernatural images, such as numerous statues, have come from this place. Previously, the college used to be a seminary, which was closed down to create a co-ed campus. Tales have been reported by night security, who claim to have encountered a variety of different ghosts and odd occurrences. Some of the sightings include a figure wearing a black hooded robe, a male ghost and his second wife, hallways that curiously fill with smoke, as well as unexplainable footsteps.

At the college, you will also find a history behind one of the computer labs, which used to be the old carriage house. The doors of the building sometimes lock on their own and the computers have been known to act a little crazy, sometimes shutting off on their own. Wandering about the main building, witnesses have claimed to see the ghost of a man, who is dressed in period attire.

The University of Vermont, which can be located in Burlington, Vermont, has many paranormal occurrences surrounding its history. It seems everywhere you turn, you can find a tale of a ghost or odd events that will send a chill up and down your back. At the Agriculture Department, which is also referred to as the Bittersweet House, you may encounter a female ghost, who is dressed in period clothing dating back to the late 19th century. She has been sighted a couple of times. The Grasse Mount House features a long history of odd events. This site is filled with unexplainable noises, as well as doors that lock and slam when no one is in the vicinity. This usually occurs when visiting the second floor.


If you are in need of the services provided by the Center for Counseling and Testing at the college, you should know that the ghost of Captain Jacobs was reported to exist by the former director. Jacobs was a retired seaman, who passed away during the early 20th century. Other paranormal activity has been documented at this site. Additional ghost sightings throughout the school have been reported at: Center for Cultural Pluralism (Allen House), Converse Hall, Millis Hall, Simpson Hall, Living and Learning Center, Redstone Hall, as well as Coolidge Hall, which is a dormitory that offers more than one apparition. Even other locations close to the school have been known to be haunted. A farm on Spear Street is said to be haunted by a ghost.

In need of a place to stay? The Comfort Inn, located at White River Junction has a room that is haunted by a female that committed suicide. Before you even attempt to enter Room 112, you will find that the electronic key entry system has a mind of its own. When you are inside of the room, you will feel that you are surrounded by a thick, eerie feeling, where you will have the intense feeling that someone is watching your every move.


When traveling throughout Vermont, you may encounter various towns and cities, each possessing a piece of unexplainable or spooky history. Some include:


Bomoseen: The ghosts of men, who disappeared while partying are believed to haunt Lake Bomoseen.

Brattleboro: The Austine School for the Deaf showcases a variety of unexplainable occurrences.


Brunswick: Odd screaming and burning smells can be encountered at the Brunswick Springs.


Burlington: At the Carburs Restaurant, the ghost of a man who killed himself in the basement is said to haunt this site.


St. Albans City: The Bellows Free Academy in St. Albans is said to be haunted by numerous apparitions.

Stowe: Emily’s Bridge is haunted by a female ghosts from the 19th century.


Streamwood: The St. John’s parking lot has had many reports of paranormal activity, such as strange lights and moaning, which is thought to have come from a deadly car accident.