Haunted Places in Virginia 1

From haunted hotels in Richmond to battlefields in New Market, there are plenty of places in Virginia for someone to hunt for ghosts or explore a paranormal past. In this article, you will encounter suggestions concerning the Balls Bluff Cemetery, the Patrick Henry Hotel, and the Luray Caverns in Fort Royal.

Patrick Henry Hotel

There are reports that numerous ghosts haunt this hotel located in Richmond, Virginia, including three men who seem to appear in the ballroom , standing and watching the activity. In one of the rooms, the spirit of an elderly woman who died on the premises is believed to be felt. Another ghost reported on the premises is a man that sits at a table on the second floor while smoking a pipe.

Balls Bluff Cemetery

When traveling on Route 15, north of Leesburg, you will find the Balls Bluff Cemetery, which holds the remains of soldiers that participated in a bloody battle during the Civil War in 1861. It is said that the cemetery is haunted because of all the soldiers that have been buried on the site.

Oatlands Plantation

On Route 15, south of Leesburg, the Oatlands Plantation is a mansion that showcases the architecture of a Greek Revival style that dates back to 1803. At Christmas, special candlelight tours are given on Christmas. There are some ghost tales that have been associated with this site, which is located at 20850 Oatlands Plantation Lane.

Olde Towne , Portsmouth

It is said that the majority of Olde Towne in Portsmouth, Virginia is haunted. With all of the stories behind the location, there is no wonder that a book has been written on the subject. For example, Halloween is a big scene in Portsmouth, where the holiday offers a ghost walk that always sold out. This is the time where you can hear all of the local legends and visit some of the houses behind the ghost tales.

One of the most exciting tales involves the Lady in White of Court Street. It is believed that a young woman lost her husband to being lost at sea, leaving her for another woman or suffering a tragic end. The woman became so distraught that whenever there is a full moon for the night, rumor has it that her ghost can be seen running down the street to the water and jumping in. It is said that the sight appears so lifelike that grown men have jumped into the water to save what they believe to be an alive woman.

Other places to seek out ghosts and paranormal activity in Virginia include:

Silverthorn Creek in Stafford: Legend has it that the ghost of an old man haunts the waters and that there is a curse placed about the location.

The Mill in Williamsburg: One of the first convicted serial killers in the city would hide the bodies of his victims at the mill, which is said to be haunted with the spirits of the murdered.

Cork Street Tavern in Winchester: Tales of a ghost that likes to trip patrons when they walk through the door is said to haunt the premises.