Haunted Places: Netherlands & Finland

Throughout Europe, there are numerous locations that are home to various scary legends, tales and haunted spots. In this article, you will encounter details regarding Finland, the Netherlands, as well as Copenhagen, Denmark.


In Finland, when you visit Kastelholm, located in Aaland, it is said that one of the wives of the Swedish king, Gustav Vasa, haunts the castle. Catherine is believed to search the grounds for silver that was lost to her. Theatergoers, who pay a visit to the Swedish Theater of Turku, may encounter a ghost that haunts some of the older parts of this location, which dates back to the 19th century. Numerous times, individuals who were working late have spotted the ghost, who wore white clothing. She is silent and does not respond to those who speak to her. The ghost is believed to be an actress, who was quite in love with the theater.

Throughout the Netherlands, you will find the secret annex in Amsterdam which held a frightened, but hopeful Anne Frank. When entering Anne’s room, you may feel cold spots throughout this space. When midnight strikes, it is said that in the back of this location, you may catch sight of the figure of a young female. Many believe that this is the spirit of Anne Frank, who can be seen looking out of the window, almost motionless. Reports have been made claiming that a rumbling sound can be heard coming from down the stairs. These steps lead to the basement area, where a sack of beans spilled down these same stairs. Some feel that this same sound recreates itself from time to time.


In Breda, Netherland, an old monastery called Klooster op de Nieuwstraat used to serve as a home for nuns. Today, it is a place where students are allowed to stay. It is said that if you enter the smallest chapel on the grounds when the clock strikes midnight, you will be able to hear the sound of a nun walking about with her keys. This occurs the same time that the church bells ring.

The Kasteel van Hoensbroek can be found in Hoensbroek, Netherlands, where the castle is believed to be haunted by a ghost that is called “The Blue Lady.” The ghost is said to have lived at the castle at one time with her children, who passed away at an early age. Her children were buried within the castle walls and she was never told about it. While working at the castle throughout the night, the Blue Lady has appeared to them. A security guard claimed that he has heard her moving chairs about in one room. Out of all the walls within the castle, they are solid when one knocks on them, but there is one that appears hollow. No one has questioned this, but some believe that it may be where the children were hidden.


Additional haunted spots throughout the Netherlands include the haunted house of Monster; the highway between Schijndel & St. Oedenrode, as well as the Castel Duivenstein in Voorschoten.