Haunted Places Throughout San Francisco

Every city has an old legend or tale that spreads a chill across the back of your neck. There is always a scary church, graveyard or hotel that some will not step foot inside. In San Francisco, there is an array of haunted locations to explore when visiting this city within California.


 The San Francisco Art Institute can be found in the Russian Hill area, which is where the most reports dealing with hauntings have been received. Underneath the location where the art institute can be found, an old cemetery is buried. This is where many believe the strange happenings stem. On 800 Chestnut, the Art Institute offers a tower, where some feel is a haven for lost souls. This tower can be located close to the cemetery, which has had more than 50 years of recorded paranormal activity. Unexplainable footsteps have been heard throughout this location, as well the sight of various apparitions. A watchman, janitor, as well as groups of students have reported these sightings.


The tower underwent a period of remodeling, where workers felt an “evil presence” throughout the location, which was said to produce odd breaking noises. At this location, three accidents occurred, which almost produced the death of a few. It was after this that a group of psychics visited the Art Institute and tried to make contact with the presence by conducting a séance. Nothing concrete was found, but they did state that they felt numerous “angry” spirits called the tower their home.


The Moss Beach Distillery can be found on Highway 1, which is the site of a speakeasy with a history. The tale of a disturbing ghost is told, which deals with a woman who can be spotted wearing a bloodstained blue dress. The ghost is that of a young woman that was stabbed to death while she was in front of this restaurant, which was once a speakeasy. Her boyfriend, who was also the piano player at the bar, was a jealous lover and was the culprit in her murder. Several customers, as well as the waitresses and chefs of the joint witnessed her death.


Her ghost has bee reported to stand by the piano, as well as dancing by rooms with no one in them. While in the restroom, a young boy claimed to have been touched by a woman who was covered in blood. It is thought that he had seen the bloody image of the ghost. Sometimes her bloody image could be seen wandering in the middle of the highway. One year, a few waitresses spotted a stool fall over on its own. For the last 50 years, her ghost has appeared to others about once or twice per year. 


At the end of Franklin Street, there is a two-story house that can be located. It is referred to as the Quarters Three, but it is mostly known for being the site where U.S. Senator David Broderick lost his life after a duel with State Supreme Court Justice David Terry. His fate was marked by a gunshot wound. Today, this location is called Haskell House and has been known to harbor shadows that move from one place to another within the parlor. Tons of poltergeist activity has been reported to occur at this house. People within the house claimed to feel eyes following them around wherever they move.


Other haunted locations that can be found throughout San Francisco include: the Ocean Beach Sutro Bath, Orchard Supply Hardware, room 1007 at the Paso Robles Hotel, as well as the Queen Anne Hotel.