Haunted Places to Visit in Ohio

If you live in or are traveling through the state of Ohio, you should know that there are plenty of places to check out when you are in the mood for a good scare. Some of these locations can be found within cities, such as Cincinnati, Oberlin and Akron.


When passing through Abbeyville, Ohio, you will encounter the Cry Baby Bridge, which is a bridge that serves trains in the area. This area is said to be haunted, offering two different tales regarding the bridge on Abbyville Road. The first tale deals with a young girl who supposedly threw her baby from the top of the bridge during the 1950s. She feared that her parents would find out about her pregnancy and she wished to keep it a secret.


There is also a church that can be found next to the bridge, which is supposed to be haunted. Many believe that when you park under the bridge, your car will not start again unless it is removed from underneath the bridge. There are also claims that a baby can be heard crying in the middle of the night when no one is in sight.


Akron, Ohio is home to the Archbishop Hoban High School, which is supposed to be haunted by a boy who used to play basketball for the school, but lost his life in a car accident during the 1980s. The boy has been spotted roaming about the men’s locker room. Odd events are said to occur during the feast of St. Joseph, where a line of men in dark priest robes have been sighted on this occasion.


When passing through Akron, you may also find the ghost who haunts the Akron Civic Theatre, as well as the ghost who calls the Hower House at the University of Akron her home. Numerous students have spotted the ghost of a young servant girl, who is said to be buried behind the house. Other haunted locations in Akron include the Summit County Juvenile Detention Home; Rose Hill Burial Park, as well as the Sigma Nu House at the University of Akron.


Bowling Green, Ohio offers the haunted Bowling Green State University’s Joe E. Brown Theater, where a ghost by the name of Alice, can be encountered, as well as the Chi Omega sorority house located at the same college, where Amanda the ghost can be found.

When visiting Cincinnati, the Cincinnati Museum Center in Hamilton County, it is said that the ghost of a security guard named Shirley wanders about the halls of the Union Terminal. Shirley foiled the plans of computer thieves and was shot and killed as she tried to stop them. Her body was later recovered in the northern area of Kentucky, but her unsettled ghost returned to the place of her death. Cincinnati also offers haunted locations, such as Lick Road, Maude Hughes Road, as well as the haunted auditorium at the Mother of Mercy High School.

Cleveland is where you will find the haunted Franklin Castle, which can be visited in the downtown area. The carriage house and the ballroom on the third floor has been the site of many odd occurrences. Hamlin Hall is said to be haunted by a man who passed away within the building. Cold spots can be felt about the stairwell and his ghost has been sighted around the area, disappearing just as quickly as he was spotted.

The Green Acres Childrens Home in Oberlin, Ohio has been haunted for some time now. It is said that the place has been a site for many strange occurrences throughout the years. Claims of the spirit of a 6-year-old haunting the house have been reported. Slamming doors without reason have been documented, as well as a strange, dark vibe that is felt when venturing into the basement area. A young girl even claimed to have been attacked by an unknown force while in the basement, flung against walls during her ordeal.