Haunted Pubs in England 3

You probably didn’t know that there were so many haunted pubs existing throughout England, but there are indeed plenty of chances to attempt contact with a historic legend or explore the tales regarding local ghosts. In this article, we will take a look at haunted pubs in Kent, London, and Buckinghamshire.


If your travels take you to Boughton Lees, Ashford, Kent, England, you may come across the Eastwell Manor Hotel, which is home to the White Lady. Witnesses have caught sight of this ghost, as well as heard a variety of odd noises that is attributed to this resident apparition. The ghost has caused such a fright on the premises that a former housekeeper ran for the hills because she was so scared from an encounter with the White Lady.


Located at St Georges Drive in London, England, the Georgian House Hotel is said to provide many different chances to come face-to-face with a handful of apparitions. Some of the inhabitants at this location include a band of ghostly kids, as well as the image of a man whose past is unknown.


When you visit West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, there is a place you may want to check out when you feel like exploring an interesting tale. At the George and Dragon Hotel, there is a White Lady said to haunt the hotel. The story behind the ghost is that she was once a servant girl who lost her life when rejected lovers murdered her. Her death took place close to the West Wycombe caves and has chosen the pub to haunt in the afterlife. Later in years, evidence pointed to an association with the Hell Fire Club, which is thought to be the cause of why the premises is plagued by the sound of phantom footsteps.


In Maidenhead, Berkshire, locals whisper about the spirit that calls the Hobgoblin Public House its home. He’s been given the nickname of Bob and he lets everyone know he’s around by making his phantom footsteps heard throughout the premises. In Edinburgh, you may happen upon the Hunters Tryst, which is a coaching inn with a past. The trend of a ghostly White Lady seems to keep popping up throughout England and sure enough, this site is no stranger to this kind of apparition.


If you ever have a chance to visit Winchester, you may find the Hyde situated within the city. This location has the reputation of being one of the oldest pubs in the area and also has a reputation of being haunted by a ghost. What makes this spirit different from the others is the curious habit it has when it comes to guests. The ghost has been known to pull the nightwear off of those staying for a spell. There is also another disturbing tale connected to this ghost. It is thought responsible for the death of a woman who was staying in one of the rooms. This tragedy occurred a couple of centuries ago, where she succumbed to extreme cold and lack of food.