Haunted Pubs in England 5

Throughout England, there are two distinct “Red Lion” establishments known for some of their strange occurrences in the local community. When it comes to haunted pubs, England has more than its fair share. In this article, we will take a look at the “Red Lion” pubs, as well as explore
the Ring o’ Bells, and the Royal Castle Hotel.


At the Red Lion Hotel, located in Colchester, Essex, England, you will find that there are two different ghosts haunting the premises.

The first is a young girl, who has chosen her haunting grounds within the kitchen area. The second ghost is a monk, who once lost his life in a local fire.


In Wiltshire, England, there is the Red Lion Avebury, which is believed to possess a haunted visitor, which chose this site as a spot to wreak havoc because of the wrongdoings done against him. He met an untimely end when he was thrown down the wall that was situated at the pub.

Today, the well is cover with glass, but the ghost still makes his presence known from an incident that occurred hundreds of years previously.


When encountering the
Prestbury House Hotel, which is positioned in none other than Prestbury in Cheltenham, Essex, England
, you may encounter the ghost of a young girl that haunts this location. Her ghost is often spotted in the garden during a visit. At the hotel, it is also thought that the unexplainable sound of horse hooves makes a stand from time to time.

If you get the chance to reach
New Lane, Middleton, which is located in Greater Manchester, England, there is an establishment that goes by the name of the Ring o’ Bells.

Standing where the pub is now, it is said that an ancient
Druidical temple once claimed the same spot. Many locals believe that the base of the pub can be traced back to the times of Saxon.


Today, the ghost of a cavalier, who has since earned the nickname of Edward, haunts the pub. It is this ghost that is responsible for all of the paranormal activity associated with this site. Some of the odd things that have occurred at this pub, includes the take of the landlord, who had a stone tossed at him while he was meandering about the pub cellar.


When visiting the Quay, which can be found in Dartmouth, Devon, England


there is the
Royal Castle Hotel, which offers a chance to come face-to-face with the apparitions of men, who appear to be fighting with one another in the courtyard. Witnesses have reported this sight on many different occasions. When it comes to the hotel, many believe they have heard the sound of a phantom horse drawn carriage.