Haunted Pubs Throughout Scotland

Throughout Scotland, there are plenty of sites to explore when it comes to checking out haunted houses, churches and cemeteries. A better location to seek out your thrills and scares is one that not only offers a chance to sip a cold one, but also catch some zzz’s. In this article, we will look into some of the haunted pubs and hotels that can be found throughout Scotland.


Starting with the Clydesdale Hotel, located in Bloomsgate, Lanark, Scotland


you will find yourself in the midst of an old site that dates back to the 18th century. This particular pub is believed to have an unusual resident haunting the premises. Here, you may catch sight of what is known as the Grey Abbot. Where he comes from, no one knows, but it might have something to do with the rumor that the pub was built upon the same grounds where an old monastery once thrived.


In Peebles, Scotland, there are a few sites about town that give way to several different tales of intrigue. At the
Cross Keys Hotel, legend has it that one
of the bedrooms brings you closer to a close encounter of the ghostly kind. It is believed that the ghost of a woman who is known as Marion Ritchie haunts the site. At the
Cross Keys and the King’s Orchard, situated in Northgate, Peebles, Scotland
, there is a pub, which is believed haunted by someone who isn’t ready to leave the premises just yet. Meg Dodds, who once served as the landlady of the establishment is said to haunt the pub.

At the Amatola Hotel, located in Aberdeen, Scotland

, this establishment is known to offer possible encounters with a ghostly lady. Witnesses describe their experiences with the ghost as harmless, as she is often viewed on the hotel landing. She is believed to originate from the 19th century, which is deduced from the type of garments she is often seen wearing.

Located close to
Aberdeen, Scotland, there is an establishment by the name of the Ardoe House Hotel. It is here that locals tell the tale of a ghost, who is referred to as the “White Lady.”

It is believed that she was once the daughter of the previous owner of the hotel. She still haunts the premises because she took her own life by committing suicide and remains a restless soul.

Tulloch Castle Hotel, which can be found at Dingwall, Scotland,
is thought haunted by a ghost that is known as the “Green Lady.” Ironically, at the
Thainstone House Hotel, located at Inverurie, Scotland
, it is said that this establishment too has a “Green Lady” that has settled in at this site. What are the chances of that? Never knew that Green Lady ghosts were so popular in this area.