Haunted Quebec

Quebec is a Canadian province, located in the eastern section of the country. It is surrounded by Ontario, as well as the Hudson Bay. Within this destination, you will find that there are a few interesting sites where tales of haunted establishments and ghosts can be explored. Below, you will learn of such places, including Greenly Island and a haunted McDonalds in Windsor.


When traveling to Greenly Island, which can be found in Blanc, there is a story going around that a dead man wanders about the beach. His ghost has been spotted about the southern tip of the island. It is said that he was lost at sea and he is trying to relocate his sea crew, which he tends to do so on foggy nights.


In Gaspe, you will encounter CEGEP, which stands for the College of General and Vocational Education. When staying in the residence hall, you may encounter a variety of odd occurences, including strange noises and the sound as if someone is running up and down the stairs without paying attention to waking the neighbors. If you peek your head out to see who is making all of the commotion, it is as if the culprit has disappeared into thin air. Doors have been known to open and close on their own and you may even feel as if you have heard someone call out your name when no one else is around. It doesn’t matter if it is during the day or night, all of these things may occur without warning.


The Montmorency Falls are a lovely sight to see, but if you venture to this spot on a Sunday morning, you may get more than what you bargained for. Looking beyond the mist of the falls, it is said that you can see a woman falling down the water. The woman is dressed in a wedding dress and has been dubbed “The Lady in White.” Tour guides have often slipped her story into their narration of the area.


When stopping for a bite to eat in Windsor, there is a McDonald’s Restaurant you may or may not want to visit, depending on your nerves. It is said that a frequent visitor of the restaurant passed away on the premises from a heart attack. His ghost is believed to haunt the restaurant. Employees, who have cleaned up the eatery during the night, have reported to hear odd sounds, including keys clinking together, as well as unexplainable footsteps.


Additional haunted locations throughout the Quebec area include the Plains of Abraham, which can be found in Quebec City. This battlefield park is considered to be one of the most haunted places within the area. A variety of ghosts have been known to frequent the location. In the township of Rossignol, you will encounter Rossignol’s Cave, where you will find an array of unknown voices and sounds. It is believed that the ghosts of former mine workers haunt this location.